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  lukus 23:57 27 Feb 2008

click here

heres a link to the site im working on atm. The only problem ive got is when i go to write in one of the boxes it shifts it down a certain amount. I've managed to sort it out to an extent by putting br>'s in at the very start and every time i wanna drop down a line, but i can't use p>'s.

Also if u look at the images at the top "HOME" "FORUM" and the such. If i turn them into links they get a blue box round them which miss-aligns the whole site/site-table.

Any help with either of these problems would be ace!

  Kemistri 01:20 28 Feb 2008

Removing link identifiers from linked images is easy: just add border:none; to the relevant declaration of your CSS.

Try using divs instead of tables and you may find your other problem easier to control.

  lukus 07:18 28 Feb 2008

lol sorted the links one right after i posted it, same way u said. thanks

it's an imported html file from PS so the tables already come in. It's not a big enough problem to warrant redoing the whole site in divs. Got enough already. Thanks loads

I got another thing thats annoying me atm aswell. Trying to make a good "login" box, but they dont fit so well next to each other, they like spreading out a lot. If anyones got a/any link/code that might help me out id love u!

(btw if i need to make a new post someone tell me)

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