Background Image problem using Netobjects 7.5

  erkmatrix 14:16 21 Apr 2004

Hi can anyone tell me what a perfect size image to use as a background on the Netobjects Fusion 7.5. I have tryed to put pics in as a background and it either cuts it off or starts to tile the image and looks terrible when it does that, just wondered if I could get it to either enlarge my picture to fit the background screen or go into photoshop and get the dimensions changed so the pic will fit (please tell me exactly how to do this though).

Any advice would be appreciated.


  Taran 16:37 21 Apr 2004

Well, to begin with, a single large image for a page background could be a big mistake since unless you degrade it quite seriously it will be a large file and will slow the page load speeds right down.

There is no real rule for background tile images on web pages. It is often more important to get the pattern, if you use one, positioned correctly so that when the tile is repeated over the full size of the page, you can't see it's joints.

I sometimes use 32x32 pixels for background tiles or up to 100x100 pixels, depending on what I'm putting on the tile to begin with, but I nearly always save the background as an optimised .gif file. Then again, I rarely use a background tile to begin with, since I prefer solid background colours (usually white) rather than an image.

I suspect that your problem lies with NetObjects method of formatting its Master Border and relative page sizes, which is possibly where your backgrounds are being thrown out of perspective. Either that or you are trying to play with the background image as a page element without embedding it into a Style.

Have you tried browsing the site styles, create a copy of the style you want to use, then double click on the page background and select the background image you want to use using the built in browser ?

This is how you can build up your own styles by either modifying the existing styles or creating all of the graphics for a new style yourself then building it up from a blank.

I've just changed one of the NetObjects site styles to use a 100x100 pixel background image of my own making and it has repeated it perfectly over the page background without changing the rest of the page.

Try editing a copy of the style you want to use and load up your own background this way.

  Taran 16:39 21 Apr 2004

Here's a link to a page with a few sample background tiles for you to play with:

click here

They were created with the excellent Sausage Reptile, which you should download if you are at all serious about page background tiles. It's free and fascinating, if you like that sort of thing.

  erkmatrix 17:18 21 Apr 2004

Hi Taran

Yeah not too keen on the tiled look, I seem to of sorted the problem but now come across another is it possible to create a text box with a scroll bar so that viewers to the site can scroll through my poetry instead of having to scroll with the browser scroll bar on the right. You see if I use a big image as the background it then when I put my text in which sometimes are quite long repeats the image below to create more space for the text, I just wanted a seperate box within the site page for users to scroll through without it creating a massive scrolling page and spoiling the image. Hope you understand what I mean.


  Taran 19:12 22 Apr 2004

I think you might want to use one of a couple of methods:

1. You could use NetObjects stacked pages.

2. You could use an inline frame.

Stacked pages in NetObjects are one of those wonderful little widgets that all web authoring programs should have.

Basically, your stacked pages are a bunch of pages treated as a single page data store. A series of Back and Next links can be generated as text or arrows to take you from one to another page, but all pages in the stack display on one parent page. It's kind of like being able to display every card in a deck on the Joker. The Joker stays there and all the other cards shuffle along and siaply within it.

You can use stacked pages for anyting from photo albums to fully blown e-commerce web applications. The Back and Next links aren't exactly what you wanted with one continuous scrolling window, but stacked pages are preferable in my opinion to an inline frame.

Which lead sme nicely on to....

Inline frames: this is where you put a box in the middle of your main page. The box displays a second web page within the first. You can set the size, width, height, position, alignment and so on of the inline frame, and when you publish it, if you did everything right, you end up with a main page with a second page displyed within it.

The bad news is, NetObjects doesn't get along too well with inline frames. You can code your own but the way NetObjects is intended to be used does not readily support mixing framed content with standard, frameless pages.

Information on inline frames in general:

click here

click here

An inline frame code generator:

click here

Information on stacked pages can be found in the NetObjects help files.

  erkmatrix 23:05 22 Apr 2004

Is netobjects in your opinion the best editor for the novice, cause I do find that it has a few bugs, been trying to mess about with adding text and find its alwasy changing back the colour of the text and doing alsorts or strange unwanted things, and the size of the layout screen also having problems with with it enlarging and just general bugs in the sytem, just wondered if there was any other decent editor. I have used although it works in flash and only a online web editor its far from ideal cause some of the sites take an age to load but I did find it easy to design sites and had alsorts of usefull widgets to add to sites. Thats what I'd like to see is having a real simple html editor with ready made widgets and site designs and just build sites using them, I know a real designer wouldn't want to use such a product but for me I did find moonfruit idea very usefull.


  Taran 23:47 22 Apr 2004

NetObjects is a gem of a program but, like any program, it takes a bit to get your head around.

Its real strength lies in rapid site design where you add your pages where you want them to be in site view, name them something appropriate, apply a style and hey presto, you have a fully working, hyperlinked series of pages that only need content added into them. The navigation, page look and feel and everything else has been sorted for you.

If you want to alter specific elements you can, from individual text blocks to the entire look of the whole site. Almost eveything is editable, but NetObjects does try to keep you away from the page source cod as much as possible.

Text formatting and editing is just a matter of finding the right controls in the Properties palette. All elements of your site style may be altered, from the text font, size, colour, alignment to the backgrounds, banners, buttons and so on.

NetObjects is suprisingly powerful, but you can't get away from the fact that it is designed to output a site framework with all navigation intact in a few minutes. What you do with that framework falls down to your ability with NetObjects.

I still think it is one of the easiest programs to learn with. On a cost to capability level it is hard to match. Take a look at the Customer Gallery click here for some seriously nice sites created with NetObjects.

My all time overall choice for beginners or experienced users is still probably FrontPage though. It has the Office clone toolbars so you can get your teeth into it straight away and it offers instant access to full page source code, lots of built in templates and themes if you want to use them, and some very, very powerful features.

It's all down to the learning curve though. I don't often use NetObjects compared to other programs for commercial use, but it does have its uses, especially if you get the hang of creating all of your own graphics for button states, backgrounds and whatnot which allows you to make your own individual site styles.

  erkmatrix 10:47 23 Apr 2004

Yeah I do find it good don't get me wrong, yeah it has the quickest learning curve no doubt to get you into having your site up, I have dreamweaver , Go live and frontpage already on my computer not really looked into Frontpage much, I'll have a look its just someone I read a review on amazon or something said it only designs really basic looking sites. Dreamweaver and GO Live are great I no doubt , just seems very hard to get them to do anything without learning the whole thing, I'm one of them inpatient people and like to get straight into things, hate reading manuals whenever I buy things although often saves more time rather than take more lol.

I did see HotMeTaL was meant to be good until Coral bought out the company that published it and now theres no more updates or support.

Another one was Namo's Web editor 6 looked quite good, I might work with Fusion abit longer cause I've got it on trial and then try out the trial of Namo's WE6 and see which I prefer, although people seem to prefer Netobjects.


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