Backdoor.Sdbot virus...

  homer1309 01:11 20 Jun 2003

hi peeps. i am running winXP PRO and have installed norton internet security which incoperates norton antivirus 2003. i have had some problem downloading updates from the winXP page. ran a virus check & found that i'de picked up a Backdoor.Sdbot virus. went to Symantec web site & followed the advice for removal so far so good. click here
dont know if this has caused any problem but i also notice that i am unable to log onto my banking page. what actually happens is on the winXP update page i get all the way through to the download dialog box only t have it hang there forever. on the banking page i can access banks main web page but when i hit the log on button it should bring up another smaller page which allows me to add my passwords ect..(this page is not a web page as such just a java application).this page comes up but never loads. just brings up the page perimiters and then hangs. i dont think its a java problem as every other web page and application loads ok and i have no problem downloading from anywhere else.

im desperate for some answer and am loathed to reformat drive for something which is bound to be just a click of a mouse. please please help.

  homer1309 01:21 20 Jun 2003

just an update. the problem is and does affect most links that i click on. they open a page then just hang without loading atall. sorry should have checked this first before writing the above

  hugh-265156 01:24 20 Jun 2003

ms downloads require that cryptographic services be set to automatic.

click control panel/administrative tools/services and find cryptographic services.

double click and from the start up type box select automatic and apply ok.

restart the computer to take effect and retry the download.

  homer1309 01:32 20 Jun 2003

this setting seems all in order. as an example the link that i have posted to the symantic page above is unopenable to me from this link. again page opens but nothing loads. just the page frame comes up only..

  hugh-265156 01:37 20 Jun 2003

how do you connect to the internet?

and this has only started after the fix from symantec?

  homer1309 01:53 20 Jun 2003

i have a 1meg broadband ntl connection and no it happend about 3 days before i decided to run the virus check. the only difference is that i have now got rid of the virus but links still fail to work correctly.i did not check for virus's initionally because i thought that the sites were just down at that time....

  hugh-265156 02:10 20 Jun 2003

i would suggest running adaware and spybot click here click here but you say that you cant download anything?if you can try these(update them before running)

failing that go to control panel/system/hardware/device manager and right click the modem (network adapters) if connected by ethernet and uninstall it.

restart windows and it should reinstall it automaticaly on start up.

if that doesnt work try clicking start/run and then type sfc /scannow(note the space after sfc) into the box and ok.

this will restore system files and will take a few mins to complete.

  Megatyte 02:13 20 Jun 2003

Click Start - Run and type regsvr32 Urlmon.dll


  homer1309 02:26 20 Jun 2003

can't open the above links.

sfc /scannow... tried to run this and all it does is opens up a doss type box very briefly and seems to do nothing else.

regsvr32 Urlmon.dll please explain what this does as i ran it and this dialog appears. DllRegisterServer in Urlmon.dll succeeded


  hugh-265156 02:28 20 Jun 2003

i just found it am too slow

click here

  homer1309 02:32 20 Jun 2003

no sorry mate what i mean is that the link wont open because of the problem i am try to explain so can you write it so i can read the link and not so it says click here

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