Skippy88 06:23 29 Mar 2004

Having just upgraded to Norton Internet Security 2004 I am a bit disappointed to say the least that when I run AntiVirus is says there are no viruses present however when I run Symantecs online virus scan it tells me that Backdoor.Oblivion is present! I can't find a way to remove it. Has anyone experience of this??

  Forum Editor 06:57 29 Mar 2004
  Skippy88 06:59 29 Mar 2004

Thank you but I had already tried this. Any other ideas??

  Skippy88 07:03 29 Mar 2004

Sorry to explain more. The link tells you to update NAV (which I have done) delete the files deteced by it to contain Backdoor.Oblivion. However it doesn't detect any!

Navigate to each of the following keys:


In the right pane, look for lines that refer to the files, such as ZipLoader32.exe, that were detected as Backdoor.Oblivion, and delete any such values that you find. It doesn't show any!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:18 29 Mar 2004

Turn off system restore-reboot-turn back on.


  Skippy88 17:15 29 Mar 2004

Thanks everyone that seems to have got shot of it. Not sure why it gets detected online but not by NAV though, whats the point of buying the software if you have to do a manual online check to find viruses??

A more minor problem is that although the tray icon is present for AntiVirus there is no tray icon for Internet security even though opening the program says it is running and it is confgured to have a tray icon. It only appears if I switch off preotection and then restart protection.

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