Backdoor.IRC.Bnc.i Trojan Risk!

  NETCHRIS 18:29 01 Nov 2007

Hello fellow forumers, for weeks now and maybe a few months my AV (Kaspersky 6.0) has detected a backdoor trojan called Backdoor.IRC.Bnc.i. It cannot disinfect it, delete it or quarantine it and this worries me. However, under every listed virus it lists where it is located listed under "Object" and most malware has either file, running process or email attachment under it. This one has a link to a website in which I visit. An airsoft website which sells airsoft guns click here, ones of its pages is listed under the object column for the virus. So does this mean it was detected or downloaded or both? It does say (modification) next to the virus name. I've looked for info on it and the only way to solve it is delete the reg file which I can't find (Havn't looked much) or the files they listed or download a special software which I don't trust.

I don't want to re-install windows or anything just wanna get rid of it fast and easy. IS it really such a threat? My friend said one of my files had a virus on it but then again I do have two virus's apparently. Another trojan on my E:/ disc drive. But again, can't do anything about it. I think it's from one of PW Advisors or PC Answers discs cause it says UIEditing, MMM and I remember something like that on a disc. So the AV must of thought it was a trojan when it wasnt.

Anyway any help would be nice. I got Vista by the way!

  tullie 18:31 01 Nov 2007

Hve you tried a google search?

  NETCHRIS 18:33 01 Nov 2007

Of course!

  NETCHRIS 19:17 01 Nov 2007

Anyone elese like to help?

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