Back up in XP

  Andsome 09:38 11 Apr 2003

Untill now I have only saved important things like photo's etc to a CD. Now, before installing a large program I want to back up the whole of a storage hard drive, there is not too much on it for one CD. In XP I am sure that I have seen BACK UP somewhere but cannot find it this morning.

  cracker23 09:46 11 Apr 2003

Start/all programmes/accesories/system tools

  Andsome 09:51 11 Apr 2003

That's exactly where I expected it to be, but all that is there is,

Activate windows
Character map
Disk cleanup
Disk defragmenter
Scheduled tasks
Files and settings transfer wizard
System information
System restore

  cracker23 09:55 11 Apr 2003

Have you installed it from you XP cd? It'not installed by default! If you give me a minute I'll let you know where to find it

  zanwalk 09:56 11 Apr 2003

Only XP Pro has the Backup facility, not XP home. Very strange idea of Microsoft but that's what it says on p116 of current PCA mag.

  Andsome 10:01 11 Apr 2003

Thanks both, I have XP home. So any idea's how to back up the whole of my storage disc please?

  cracker23 10:02 11 Apr 2003

In that case read this thread click here (hope that works)

  Andsome 10:06 11 Apr 2003

Thanks all, I will close this now. Looks like if I want to install the other program today, I must be satisfied with what is already backed up.

  dth 10:10 11 Apr 2003

It is only your docs, pics, emails etc that you really need to back-up. If you are concerned about adding a new programme and it messing up your p/c - then you can create a system restore point before installing the new programme. Then if there is difficulties with the new programme - you can use the system restore to put your p/c back in the position that it was in before.

A different approach is to use a drive copy programme (like Drive Imnage). This creates a complete copy of your drive and saves this on a separate disc partition.

  Cesar 11:07 13 Apr 2003

A lot of readers think that there is no Backup on XP Home there is! But it's not installed by default you have to dig for it. Put your Win XP Disc in the tray if it starts automatically click on exit. Go to Start, Run and type the following
D:\ValueAdd\MSFT\NTBackup Double click on NTBackup.msi and the Backup will be installed
(Where D:\ is your CD Drive. If you now go to Start All Programs\accessories\System Tools you will find Backup at the top of the list.

Cesar, Does this also apply to the Mesh recovery disc.

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