back up using Paragon

  dlguk 16:24 06 Apr 2012

Hi I am using Paragon HDM 11 and am having probs with my pc. So I decided to backup email, contacts, accounts, etc. But with no joy, can someone tell me in simple terms how I should go about this task. Oh, btw it is to a Flash drive.

Dave Ps, yea I know I am thick but I don't want to lose anymore hair :(

  rdave13 19:47 06 Apr 2012

Backing up with Smart Backup Wizard To let Smart Backup Wizard help you back up exactly what you need and then place the resulted image to the required location, please do the following:


  1. Click the Smart Backup item of the Wizards menu (any of the ways described earlier can also be used here).

  2. On the Wizard's Welcome page, click the Next button.

  3. On the What to back up page, click on the section you find answering to your task.

  4. Disk or Partitions to create a sector-based backup of the whole disk system, or only separate partitions;

  5. E-mail to create a file-based backup of e-mail databases, accounts and address books of MS Outlook, MS Express, and Windows Mail;

  6. Media Files to create a file-based backup of all media files (photo, video, music, etc) stored in the My Documents folder;

  7. Documents to create a file-based backup of all office documents stored in the My Documents folder;

  8. Other Files and Folders to create a file-based backup of any files and folders.

  9. Depending on your choice you’ll either need to specify more exactly the object of operation and then choose location for the resulted backup (relevant for Disk or Partitions or Other Files and Folders), or just choose location for the resulted backup (for all the others).

This is from HDM 10 so you should have the wizards tab at the top to select the smart backup wizard. Create a folder on the flash drive first and call it something like Paragonemailbackup. Select the email... from the list, select the destination folder then backup. Note you'll have to install Paragon again to retrieve the backup.

  rdave13 19:55 06 Apr 2012

What I meant with the last sentence was if you reinstall Windows then you will have to reinstall Paragon to restore the backup. Again select the wizards icon at the top, select restore from the list, it will find the backup folder on your flash drive. If it can't see it automatically then select file view, select the flash drive, and find the folder.

  dlguk 15:34 07 Apr 2012

Thank you rdave13, your information was what I had been trying but missing the Destination Folder as a result when I check out the Saved data I see I have a stack of arc. Files I presume they have been saved somewhere on my C drive.

Thank you once again for your time to help and if you know how to restore lost DLLs and OCX files.....I am pushing my luck now,


  rdave13 16:27 07 Apr 2012

dlguk by all means start a new thread about your missing files. There's plenty here who'll gladly help and if we can sort out the problem with the PC then you might not need the backup after all:)

  rdave13 16:32 07 Apr 2012

By the way if you run Paragon, then wizards, then restore you should see the list of arc. files and their location so you can delete them.

  rdave13 16:33 07 Apr 2012

Just don't run the restore only select cancel after you've found the location.

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