Back Ups using Iomega software

  It's Me 12:33 18 Jul 2004

I used Iomega Back up that came with the internal Iomega (100) drive on my old computer. That's not provided with the new USB external 250 Iomega drive I now have with the new machine.
PC advisor of August is less than helpful on the question of using the Back up provided on XP as page 120/121 extolls its virtues and a reply on page 149 rubbishes it.
I have downloaded Iomega's free trial (30 days) of what is called 'Automatic BackUp' and wondered if anyone had any experience of it and what was thought about it.
I note the comment, in a previous similar question, re EZBackup and would like the web address if possible please so that I might have a look at it.
It does seem that this whole area is a bit fraught with only one real reliable solution at a cost of over £70, which for use on a single home computer seems a bit over the top, however . . . .
Any thoughts would be useful as a decision made now will have to work for some years because once started on a method of back up it is not easy to change.

  €dstowe 12:44 18 Jul 2004

For something as important as a backup, I would recommend that you use a program that has a good track record and is widely used.

These come to mind immediately: DriveImage 7, Acronis TrueImage and Norton Ghost.

Put any of those names into the search box here to find out opinions of them.


  Scotsman 13:05 18 Jul 2004

If the problem is that you no longer have the back-up program that came with your 100MB Zip Drive but you would prefer to continue useing that program you may be able to download it from here

click here

I've been using Iomega's 1-Step Backup which came originally with a 250 parallel drive for years. It's a good, reliable program. I tried the backup program that comes with Nero 6 but I've never mmanaged to achieve a readable disk with it yet. I now use the old 1-Step Backup prog, with a 250 usb drive. I don't know whether it would run on XP though.

  It's Me 15:08 18 Jul 2004

Thanks. I already use Norton's Ghost to make copies of the various drives I have, but that I regard as a back up for a serious breakdown. What I am after is a backup process for the constantly changing files in My Docs and game Saves for instance.
I've had another look at Iomega but unfortunately they now only offer 'automatic backup' not 1-Step, which was the programme I also used.
I've looking around this new machine of mine, and now discover that it has the Pinnacle 'Instant back up' installed, which seems as though it might be a bit similar to 1-Step but of course it uses CD's or DVD's not Zip Disks. I do have a copy of Nero 5 available but I have found that it is not all that easy to use as a system of backing up, fine for burning disks though. So perhaps Pinnacle may do for CD and DVD back up which will allow updates to take place, which I have found Nero was not able to do successfully, but it won't work with the Zip Drive.
The Iomega Automatic back up will obviously work on Zip Drives, and it will also work on CD and DVD drives, can be programmed to do auto back ups, but is a bit awkward to set the stuff you want backing up other than that which it is preprogrammed to do. The idea of both CD/DVD and Zip back up is a belt and braces job I know, but since either can fail at the crucial moment, indeed both might well do that hence Ghost, I am just being careful.
Pinnacle, Nero and Windows will cost me nothing now, but Iomega Auto Backup costs $39.95. I must make up my mind soon. Any further comments may help

  €dstowe 15:32 18 Jul 2004

Remember that Windows itself has a backup facility. I have used that in the past for files and settings backups and kept the full system backup with DI7.

You may find that the incremental backup of Acronis is more to your needs. This generates a full system backup and then carries out incremental backups, at periods determined by you, just changing the files that are different to when you last did the backup. You can restore the whole backup or just the incremental parts.

  It's Me 15:26 19 Jul 2004

Thanks. I've had a look at the Windows back up on XP Pro but it seems to offer a simple back up but no increments thereafter.
The Iomega gets trickier by the minute and I don't fancy having to a restore from the multiple disks that it used for the original back up.
I'll have a look at Acronis as suggested. My main concern there is that when I tried to use Acronis software on my old ME machine, I always ran into disaster problems which needed Ghost to get a recovery; perhaps XP will fair better.
It beats me, If Iomega could divise a successful backup programme, 1Step backup in the past why on earth doesn't it still do it. I think I'll have a go at seeing if my old CD of it will work in XP.
All I want to do is back up and it seems that this is an easy task to do at a sensible cost in a sensible way.

  It's Me 15:28 19 Jul 2004

Sorry. Last sentence should read, 'and it seems that this is NOT an easy task.......'

  It's Me 16:43 19 Jul 2004

The old Iomega 1 Step Back up won't work and it refers to NT only.
I've downloaded the trial of Acronis True Image which I think is what E(?)stowe refers to, but that only does copies of partitions and seems very like Norton's Ghost that I already have and use.
The new Iomega Automatic Backup kicked in at its appointed time and brought itself uptodate on the 3rd disk of the set which happened to be in place at the time.
It looks as though I'll be stuck with this software unless I can find something that will be easier to restore from. If I keepit I will have to find a cure for it consistant habbit of, everytime I boot, informing me that there is no disk in the Zip drive, and it does this if there is a disk in the disk drive and does nothing with it, also it informs me of no disk when the drive is connected with no disk, and when the drive is not connected at all, and all this when an update is not due; when the update actually took place it just did it with no warning and then just a progression display. Odd!

  Southernboy 13:43 20 Jul 2004

Thanks for replying to my thread. As a fellow user of Automatic Backup, my impression is that it is fraught with problems and, possibly, unstable. Although I have followed the rather scant instructions on the Help Screen, it continually freezes, crashes and fails. The plain fact is that it refuses to do what it is claimed it will do. My thread describes the problems in some detail.

Like yourself, I have used 1-Step Backup for years and it has worked perfectly. Unfortunately, it will not work with XP, so I need to backup all my research using a program that will alow me to transfer it to an XP PC at some point in the future. As you correctly say, once you are committed to a backup program, it is not easy to change.

I have been a strong supporter of Iomega for the last six years, but I feel very let-down by their latest effort. In their attempt to include so many bells and whistles, they have undermined the basic function of a backup program.

I am astonished at the paucity of good, basic backup programs. The one with W98SE uses only floppy discs and this is totally pointless for large amounts of data. As I do not have a CD writer, and cannot use an external one as I do not have USB2, I am dependant upon an external drive, and Iomega seemed to best choice. At the moment, all I can do is to break down my backups to fit on to a 750 disc and use the "Send To" option in windows.

  stlucia 14:06 20 Jul 2004

Having had a brief look at backup software when I purchased an external Maxtor One-Touch drive, I've reverted to simply using Windows Explorer to drag and drop whole drives onto the backup disk. That way I can easily see what I've got, without any special software, with my drive plugged into any PC. I can manually alternate between my A and B backup sets to make sure I don't lose everything if something fails during the backup.

I appreciate that there are cases where fully automatic, and incremental, backups are useful and/or necessary but, for me, keep it simple with Explorer. It will work so long as your backup device can be seen as another drive.

  It's Me 20:32 20 Jul 2004

I must say that the Automatic Back up needed 3x250 disks to achieve the first back up of the bits and pieces I want to keep very up to date, and it did its job properly producing the 3 disks pretty much as I expected them to be. I didn't have to try and fit each bit to a single disk. I am using Xp Pro. and I am given to wonder whether or not that it is the age of Windows 98 that is your problem, as I have found, much to my surprise, that many of my programmes work a whole lot better now in XP than they did in ME. Not that this solves your problems one iota of course.
I am now waiting 'till later this week when the Zip disks will be due to be updated again and, after that, the DVD will be due to be updated. I still haven't put my hand in my pocket for the software and won't until I am sure I can work with it.
Incidently, I seem to be able to read the files on these new Zip disks OK, which I couldn't do with the 1 step backup, as I found to my cost when I tried to use my Zip disks from the old machine to transfer files to my new one as they have a file name that Windows doesn't recognise and it needs 1 step to read 'em. I had to reconnect the old machine and start copying by dragging the needed files to CDs, very annoying.
stlucia's comments are interesting as I had thought of the Maxtor drive, but I think I can cover that with Norton Ghost and copies to DVDs.

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