Back up or factory recovery?

  Snrub 12:17 16 Feb 2012

I had problems with my fairly new W7 Acer desktop suddenly not wanting to load certain programs and after much fiddling around for the cause gave up and decided to do a factory recovery from 3 disc I downloaded when the system was brand new out of box. What an absolute pain took me the best part of half a day to get fully up and running. When installing why are programmers so optimistic and state please wait for a moment.... when they mean wait for a very long time, hours, days? It then took some time to download the initial 139 W7 updates having frequently to stop and reboot. Then it came up with more and ended up not being able to download the service pack for W7 because presumably I have done it all in bits? To avoid this pain in future what is the best back up software to use? Something easy because most of the packages I have seen seem to be user unfriendly for the first time user.

  robin_x 12:42 16 Feb 2012

W7 can do it. Start Run Backup and Restore.

Create System image (Top left). Also make a repair CD/DVD.

With a new, empty'ish install, you can Image back to a set of a few DVDs. Doing it to external USB hard drive or a 2nd Internal is more usual.

An external folder caled 'WindowsImageBackup' is made and will be overwritten on next Image. So rename it or move it first.

Personally I prefer a 3rd party tool such as Easeus ToDo Backup. This gives you more control and features when you get familiar with images. It's not that complicated really.

  sharpamat 12:47 16 Feb 2012

Having used an image made with Windows 7 which is stored on an external Hard I have never had any problems

  birdface 19:08 16 Feb 2012

Found this one and is free just now.

  birdface 19:10 16 Feb 2012

Oops this is the one you want to get it free.You may have to copy and paste it into address bar.

  Snrub 14:18 17 Feb 2012

Thanks all, had a look at Farstone 7 which looked interesting and tried to download it without success when trying to register and got a bit scary when my computer started behaving badly, froze and wouldn't shut down and had to unplug power to disconnect. Strange things happened on start up so had to restart in safe mode. Tried system restore and this was denied. Ran Ccleaner in safe mode then rebooted and thankfully back to normal apart from screen size which stubbornly refused to self detect. So in all gave up on this one. Buteman have you personally tried it? Going to have ago with Easeus To Do Backup. I haven't had much success with backup procedures in the past, don't have much confidence in process and usually info given with software is scant.

  birdface 15:57 17 Feb 2012


No not tried it yet.I do have the registry key for it.I removed Ocster Pro this morning with the intention of downloading it but the wife wanted to go shopping.

Will have to look and see if I can download Ocster Pro again rather than Farstone if it causes that much of a problem.

Thanks for letting me know what problems you had with it.Certainly saved me from using it.

  Snrub 16:31 17 Feb 2012


It downoaded and received registry key which I used but then refused registration and all went weird so I would give it a miss as you say. Let me know how you get on with the other one please.

  birdface 16:41 17 Feb 2012

I have used the other one but got it as a freebie the Pro version.

I have never used any sort of back up program before but managed to back up to a CD but whether it will work or not when the time comes I don't know.

Just checked my recycle bin to see if it was in there,but no luck.

I usually keep a copy of Reg numbers so will have a look to see if I can find it.

  birdface 16:53 17 Feb 2012


Still got the e=mail with the Ocster keycode on it so will be able to run that again if needed.

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