Back Up needs Indexing??

  rudolfhart 11:45 17 Sep 2009

First post here from a silver surfer.
Just backed up 2500 photos to a Seagate FreeAgent Go 500GB from my C drive.
PC is up to date and all went fine --HOWEVER on accessing the F Drive ( Seagate backup drive) to check that all is well and safely transferred it dares to tell me it cannot access any photo as " drive is not indexed"! Aaagh!

Please advise where I cocked up? What is indexing?
Why has indexing never crossed my path?
Will I have to do something to my C drive and then wipe the Back up and re-do the whole back up--or shall I just go outside and swear a lot!!!
Any help please..and gratefully appreciated!

  rawprawn 12:14 17 Sep 2009

Is your external drive formatted NTFS or FAT
if it's FAT this may help
click here

  rudolfhart 12:25 17 Sep 2009

Thanks for coming back! I have had a prowl on the back up drive and it is NTFS (Whatever that is?)
I did not format the new drive BEFORE I backed up--I just attached it and copied across on a full back up of hard disc...
Wot should I do to access piccys on back-up disc, pls??

  rawprawn 13:04 17 Sep 2009

To be honest I'm a bit suprised, and at a loss as to why.
I can only think that you needed to format your external drive before you backed up your photos, but it seems to be already formatted NTFS which is right.
If no one else can assist, I would suggest formatting it again NTFS, and trying again. If you do just try a few photos for a start until you make sure all is well.

  Technotiger 14:30 17 Sep 2009

To Index your external hard drive - right-click on the drive's icon in My Computer, then left-click on Properties and click the box to Allow Indexing Service.

  rawprawn 14:38 17 Sep 2009

Well done Technotiger, I have never had to do that, it's always been there automatically.

  gigagiggles 03:34 18 Sep 2009


i've never had to enable indexing to access my seagate freeagent drive(s). as a matter of course, i disable indexing via properties at first chance. i've even gone the full route and disabled indexing pc system-wide. and no problem accessing the freeagent.

are the 2,000+ pics in a folder or are they backed up to the root of f:\? perhaps there is a limit to the number of files in the root without indexing.

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