Back key (delete) not working on this site & other

  Pamy 17:01 06 May 2006

Hellow everyone,

I have recently noticed that my back key (to delete a character) does not work on internet sites, this site and others,including my mail(yahoo),but it does work OK in Word. When I use it, I am taken back to a previous page. Can anyone help me correct this. I do not want to use restore as I have installed other progs since becoming aware of this irritation.


  VoG II 17:05 06 May 2006

Try pressing the Del key, not the back-arrow.

  Pamy 17:09 06 May 2006

Hi Vog, yes the del key works, but the back key which also worked has stopped, but I would like it to work as it should

  VoG II 17:17 06 May 2006

Assuming that you mean that it doesn't work when you are filling out online forms try click here

  Pamy 17:26 06 May 2006

Vog, yes but not only forms, typing in this reply to you, if I make a mistake in the spelling and put the wrong last character I cannot delete by pressing the back key, but it works OK in Word. I will try your link latter if there is no other solution, thanks for link

  Pamy 19:14 06 May 2006

Hi VoG, did a scannow, inserted O/S disk as asked, let it run. After all activity stopped exited and now trying it out , and gues what, all seams well again.


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