Back up HD has disappeared

  User-C482BBE1-3EDD-4A99-BEDC0BD6B59295E3 17:47 29 Aug 2010

My back up and gerneral storage HD has disappeared. It doesn't show up in hardware or in the BIOS sequence. All connections are sound. The drive is two years old only used about once a month.
Has it just died or is there some way to get it back?

Thanks for any help


  Nontek 17:52 29 Aug 2010

Make sure it is switched on, or that its power supply is not faulty in any way.

  lotvic 17:59 29 Aug 2010

Are any lights lit up on it? if not, have you checked the fuse in the 3 pin electric plug and tried it in another mains socket?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:47 29 Aug 2010

Internal or external drive?

Can you see it in Disk management?

Hi Guys

This is an inernal drive and I have swapped across the power supply from my C drive which is still fine
The missing disc does not appear under Disk management, hardware config, computer properties nor in the BIOS as a secondary drive which it used to.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:38 30 Aug 2010


DATA cable swap?

Check BIOS that IDE / SATA controllers enabled?

Hi Fruit Bat
This is a SATA drive. I should have mentioned that a did a data cable swap at the same time as the power cable. SATA/IDE auto detect is on in the BIOS and recognises my C drive Maxtor 80GB as SATA 1. If I look at SATA 2 all settings are set to auto but still no sign of my 500GB second drive. I might just try temporarily disconnecting the C drive and see if the missing drive pops up in the BIOS, along shot, but, who knows



OK tried that but still not there. I guess it's just gone to the big lost data junk yard in the sky.
If anyone has any other ideas I'd be grateful


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