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  miss stella 15:19 09 Jun 2007

I have a laptop with a recovery disc and have made the HD into two partitions, if I have to run the recovery disc it will make the HD all one again, which I do not want.
I have Nero which gives the option to backup my HD either all or only one partition.
If I backup the main partiton which has the O/S on it and format the partition how do I go about reinstalling the backup from the DVD's I will make and will the laptop boot up as it did before I fomatted the partiton. I do not have a Windows installation disk, only the recovery disc which came with the laptop.
This is really only anticipating what will happen if I do have to recover the partition.
I could borrow a freinds Windows disc and install it on my partition using my own key, would that be preferable?
Thanks in advance for any reply,

  RobCharles1981 15:26 09 Jun 2007

I would receomend you get a copy of Acronis True Image 10 for all your needs.

  wee eddie 15:54 09 Jun 2007

Don't worry about backing-up your OS.

OK, so you will lose your settings but sometimes it is a good thing to consider why you have it just so.

Of course, if you just back-up your files, you will have to reload all the programs as well; but they do come with a "Clean Slate" as it were.

Done that way, your reloaded system will be much leaner as you will have lost all the crap you loaded and that decide you didn't want but never quite managed to delete!

  miss stella 19:17 15 Jun 2007

Thanks for the replies.
I ran the recovery disc and once again made a second partition using GPartition, then I installed my software and files from DVD's onto the first partition. Then I made a copy of my first partition and pasted it to the second using G Partition. My plan will be to copy it back if I ever need to and avoid having to reinstall everything.
Will it work or shall I stick to the recovery system?


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