Back-up Hard Drive listing is not showing

  Splodge 19:16 08 Jun 2006

Evening all

I have 2 hard drives on my computer and both are still running OK. But for, some reason, the Second Drive is not shown or listed in "My Computer". Nor can I access it as usual.

I know it is there and is OK because I can still Back up to it using Acronis which DOES list it.

I must have clicked something to hide it but have no idea what and I would like to access it to reverse something I might have done on C drive.

Can anyone help please?

  Gongoozler 19:20 08 Jun 2006

In Windows go to Control panel - Administrative tools - Computer management - Disk management. See if the drive is there and has the expected drive letter. This page tells you how to use Disk Management click here

  Splodge 19:45 08 Jun 2006

Thanks Gongoozler, very much obliged!

  Splodge 12:55 10 Jun 2006

Gongoozler also helped me discover mine! Is there a bug causing this I wonder? I copied his reply to post to you but he was too fast for me! Thanks again

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