Back up files formatting

  poohtigger1964 19:36 30 Sep 2008

My laptop is away to get repaired tomorrow with HP, my wireless card is damaged, I have made a back up to my documents of everything but they have said they might have to replace the motherboard and format my drive, would I lose the back up file too? and if so how to I save my back up (11.1GB) file out with this laptop. Anyone help please .

  skidzy 19:45 30 Sep 2008

If they format the will lose everything !!

If you have a stash of dvd discs,burn your files to these or better still an external drive if you have one to hand.

You have a fair bit to save,and cd's will take a long time....hope your laptop is a dvd writer.

  poohtigger1964 22:06 30 Sep 2008

do I have to split the files up to dvd discs or is there a programme to use to put the files onto discs?

  ronalddonald 22:13 30 Sep 2008

a usb external drive or buy a pen drive. you can save all your files there until u get back your lappy

  ronalddonald 22:15 30 Sep 2008

with the pen drives if its xp yuo can go to my computer and click on your persoanl files and save them there. In future whne you download software from net you can downlaod it onto a pen drive and be able to reload the software from there. All other software can be loaded by discs supllied by software manufaturer.

  T0SH 22:22 30 Sep 2008

Laptop internal wireless cards are plug in devices that fit into a Mini PCI slot, so if that is the only problem there should be no reason for them to replace anything else

Cheers HC

  poohtigger1964 22:32 30 Sep 2008

dont have pen drive so how do I save to discs? They say they shouldn't have to replace anything other than the wireless card but if there is damage to motherboard then drive will be formatted when motherboard replaced .

  MarvintheAndroid 23:23 30 Sep 2008

Use Microsoft Backup to save your "My Documents" plus any other important folders to DVD. You should find it in the start menu under Accessories - System Tools. It should ask you to span the disks.

In the longer term, suggest you invest in a USB external hard disk. There is no substitute for a regular backup.


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