xptosmtbd 12:29 30 Mar 2003

Hi, My Computer tells me that I have a back up drive D and that it is 12.77 GB in size with 12.9GB free space. How can I access the files on this disk please so that I can view them and maybe copy them to a compact disk so as I can free up the D Drive..I am running windows XP...Thank you Sandra............

  MAJ 12:45 30 Mar 2003

I'm slightly confused why it's asking you to back up your hard drive, xptosmtbd, especially as it's only 50% full (or 50% empty, for you pessimists). Did it say it was in danger of imminent failure?

Do you have a CD rewriter installed? Is this hard drive a slave drive to your C drive or another partition, xptosmtbd?

  xptosmtbd 13:10 30 Mar 2003

Sorry I didn't explain myself properly. basically I have a drive "d" which is used for backing things up. when I click on this drive in "My Computer" to see whats been saved/backed up on it, I can't see whats it got on it. God !! I hope I am making sense. My machine is telling me that whatever is on this "drive D" amounts to around 10GB. How can I access it?....

  MAJ 14:36 30 Mar 2003

Double click on the D Drive in "My Computer", xptosmtbd, it should open up to show you the contents. Or right click on it and choose Explore, or navigate to the D drive using Windows Explorer and click on the little + sign in the left pane which will open the drive.

  xptosmtbd 14:47 30 Mar 2003

Hi, Yes I have done that a few times, but all I get are three folders saying driver, tools, and a wizard. when I open up driver I see some more folders called "keyboard modem motherboard mouse and vga" when I open up tools, I see "acrobat reader, nero burning, hdd check manuals and a few others. theres nothing there indicating any files that have been saved.....

  dcarr 17:14 30 Mar 2003

I have a Compaq that sets up the same drive. This D drive is a quick restore function. If the system goes down, in effect, I can restore the system to original status by accessing this drive. However, the computer does not automatically backup anything to this drive. It only holds original factory settings.
As I have had the comp for 4 years now, the drive partition is essentially useless. I hope this answers your question.

  xptosmtbd 18:57 30 Mar 2003

Hi dcarr. Thanks for the info. no wonder I cant find any of my files in there. But one question, how come it is 12 GB and has used 10 GB isnt this a huge amount of space. My computer by the way is a Microstar bought at PC world. Thanks Sandra

  xptosmtbd 19:10 30 Mar 2003

Hi, I meant to say that there are 3 drives, Boot (C) Backup (D) and Recover (E)...Sandra

  dcarr 20:16 30 Mar 2003

Hi Sandra:
You posted:
12.77 GB in size with 12.9GB free space.
Did you mean 2.9 gb free?
You're right 10 gigs is a lot of space to use if that's the case
I think these drives are on 3 partitions of your hard drive. One of these parts may be an exact mirror of your working drive(ususally C). How large is the entire storage of your computer?
Can you see what is on Drive E? What is in there?
Perhaps some of this info can clear up the problem.

  xptosmtbd 20:19 30 Mar 2003

Hi Debbie, Sorry I did mean 2.9 GB free. The disk sizes are C 21.8GB, D 12.9, and E 2.43GB..Does this explain anything....

  dcarr 20:33 30 Mar 2003

That really does soudn like a lot of space used. Take a look at each of those folders in your D drive. Right click on one and go to properties. That will give you the space used by each folder. If the total matches what Drive D says, then it looks like an image drive of everything on your system.
This would mean that what ever is free on your C drive is your available free space. Check the manufacturer site as well, for information on the drives included with your system. They may explain a lot more. I hope this helps at least a little. I'll help more if I can.

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