Back door to XP?

  snowy30 17:02 22 Apr 2006

Is there a backdoor to XP?

Someone told me, that they were told there is a 'backdoor' to Windows XP, even though your user account is password protected. And that your files, folders, documents etc. could be deleted, viewed or modified should they do so.

Now, I'm quite computer literate, and I never heard of this till now. I know for a fact it was possible with Windows 98, but never XP.

  bremner 17:05 22 Apr 2006

Are you refereing to the Administrator account?

If you did not set a password for this during installation then anyone could fire the machine up and access the computer.

  Mac101 17:22 22 Apr 2006

This is a Hollywood-type myth where the software programmers 'leave a backdoor' so that they can access the program if they want to! Why!!??!!
As bremner says - if you have not set a password then anybody with physical access to your computer can do what they like with it.
Also make sure you have an efficient (and up-to-date!)firewall, malware, spyware and virus checker installed becos' there are some scuzzballs out there who like nothing better than getting on to somebody's computer and causing havoc - same sort of ratbags who like to trash phoneboxes and bus-shelters - basically unintelligent sub-species but still really annoying and potentially dangerous.
A bit of sensible security stting should prevent any problems.

  spuds 22:04 22 Apr 2006

I was reading an article a short time ago, about the possibilities of 'backdoors' in certain main usage software. But this click here seems to contridict that view, Well at least with Vista.

  spuds 22:09 22 Apr 2006

Whoops, sorry faulty link, try click here

  martjc 22:12 22 Apr 2006

...there are backdoors in [every] piece of software - that's how the programmers test and maintain the program.
The thing is, in my opinion, these back doors should be sealed off to the general user. Haa, lots of users are VERY competent at finding their way in to systems' innards and trashing them. It's a fact of life! But, don't worry about it until you see it's effects - you certainly can't do anything about it until then - that is, unless you are one of the aforementioned people!

  snowy30 23:35 22 Apr 2006

I was just merely querying, to confirm that people cannot hack into your 'Administrator account'.
Its not that Im concerned, as I'm mainly the only user of my computer, apart from my nephews who have 'limited' account. I just wanted confirmation there is or isnt a way in, and who better to ask than the PCA army of forum users :o)

  snowy30 23:36 22 Apr 2006

oh, and thanx for replying

  ed-0 23:47 22 Apr 2006

Yes there is an extremely easy way to get into XP. Usually it would take around 2 minutes to completely disable your boot up passwords and install new ones.

It would lock you out of XP. :-(

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