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  23790954 21:26 22 Apr 2007

I have just purchased new external hard drive to install on my daughter-in-laws Unisex hair salon computer. This will be used to back up her documents on a weekly basis, for fear that her system packs up. To try and learn something about backing up I have perused PC Advisor helpline forum for previous articles. One article posted by someone said that an external hard drive CANNOT be used on another system, e.g. completely different computer system. If that is the case it would be a waste of time me using this external hard drive. Can someone please advise me on this: ALSO:
I would like to see the data I have backed up, after backing it up, and be able to read the data on the monitor, as well as keeping it on the external hard drive. Would this be possible?
I have the software which came with the new external harddrive, as well as the full versions of both Acronis True Image Home, and Power Quest Drive Image 7. Which one of these programmes would be best to use for this purpose.
Windows XP Professional is installed.
Many thanks to all who offer to help me on this topic.

  skidzy 21:35 22 Apr 2007

Firstly i dont know who said you cannot use the external drive on another can.

If for example you use Acronis and save to the External drive and have the original Acronis disc,this becomes your bootdisk.If you do not have the original Acronis disc,you need to make the boot disk.(create Bootable Rescue Media)

This is how i do it:

Use Acronis to make a system image.
Save the backup to the External Drive,named Acronis backup.
If you have a system problem,insert the disc and plug in the drive,Acronis will point you to the backup on the external drive,select this to restore your machine.

I currently have 3 systems backed up to one drive,though have not had to use them yet.

  skidzy 21:37 22 Apr 2007

Though i should add,if you use Acronis and make an image of one pc (total backup) this backup cannot be used on another pc unless you wish to clone the drive ready for a new harddrive.

  powerless 21:39 22 Apr 2007

An External HDD can be used on other systems.

Acronis True Image Home, and Power Quest Drive Image 7 are basically the same application but made by different people. They do the same job at the end of the day. But the later is no longer supported and Powerquest were taken over by Symantec a few years ago. I still use my copy though and never let me down.

Acronis True Image Home is in full swing and the current verson is, version 10.

My advice to you is to use Acronis to backup to the Ext. HDD and also manually copy over the important documents. Of course take the Ext. HDD off site when not needed. Might be also a good idea to copy documents just on their own to the Ext HDD. Possibly burn them to a DVD as well if you have a burner.

  DrScott 21:41 22 Apr 2007

If you just want all the documents available to read on the external HDD without any compression or the use of a program, then SyncToy from Microsoft will do the job just fine and it's free.

click here

It doesn't save a drive image so if the computer completely died you would still have to reinstall Windows and programs separately.

  MAJ 21:46 22 Apr 2007

Acronis, Powerquest, Ghost and the like, scare the bejesus out of me. I feel too many people are relying wholly on them to backup their systems. Fine, use them to backup a basic system, but when it comes to important documents and pictures, I certainly wouldn't put my faith in them alone. Backup all important documents and other files to removable media, DVDR or CDR (not DVDRW or CDRW) or your external hard drive, or all three.

  powerless 21:53 22 Apr 2007

Yes I agree with the MAJ. That's why I also copy documents [the important ones at least] manually and burn to DVD now and again.

I see imaging as a time saver, but have the important stuff ready and waiting just in case that image does not work ;-))

  Spark6 23:30 22 Apr 2007

For reference

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