"back button" on tool bar gone, restore haywire!

  taffyal 18:11 02 Mar 2004

I just noticed my "back" is missing off my toolbar! I ran avg & adaware, nothing wrong there! I tried to run restore, & it says no restore points for today, & seems to think its the30/12/ 1899!!! Itried to make a restore point, but it still thinks its 1899, with no restore points!! I turned off restore, ran avg again, all clear, turned back on restore- same problem! Oh! Just remembered , when I tried to run restore 1st time, it told me to restart the PC before it would run. Please, has anyone any ideas whats gone wrong?

  Gongoozler 18:42 02 Mar 2004

Try this click here

  conrail 19:48 02 Mar 2004

right click on a space on the toolbar and selece, then click on back in the left hand pane and select add this will put it in the right hand pane and when you close this option the back button will appear on your toolbar

  taffyal 16:09 03 Mar 2004

Fixed backbutton OK, Thanks Conrail. The fix for restore is abit beyond me, Im afraid,Gongoozler, but thanks for advise. Think Ill take it back to shop!!

  Gongoozler 17:01 03 Mar 2004

Hi taffyal. I'm not surprised that you find the registry bit daunting, but if the Microsoft article is right, it is really quite straighforward.

Highlight the part of the article that begins REGEDIT4, that is all the part on a grey background. Press Ctrl and C keys to put it into the paste buffer. Open Notepad and press Ctrl and V keys to paste the text. Now save the file by selecting File - Save as. In the "Save as type" window, select All files *.*. In the file name enter any name such as restore.reg (the .reg bit is important). Save the file in any location you choose. Now click on Start - Run and Browse to the file you saved and click OK. The file should now do the repair for you.

  taffyal 16:51 09 Mar 2004

Followed your instructions, & it worked like a dream. I couldnt make head nor tail of the article, but when I tried your way, even I had no problems. Thanks very much. Cheers, Al.

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