Back button problem

  Meshuga 18:47 02 Jul 2003

Just lately, after looking at postings on this forum and clicking on the "back" button to go back to the main menu it goes back to the
"Registered users area" instead of the helproom and I have to login again. Is this anything to do with the recent new server that PCA are using or is this me. Meshuga.

  christmascracker 18:56 02 Jul 2003

happens to me some times too both before and after the new server

  Valvegrid 19:20 02 Jul 2003

I thought it was a problem with Opera because I posted this just after the new server came on line.

click here

  Valvegrid 19:22 02 Jul 2003

I'm still getting this, but given up asking 'cos I think people are thinking I'm nuts.

Could be right suppose :-(

  Pesala 19:33 02 Jul 2003

but if you are it helps.

The only way I can reproduce this in Opera is to click the rewind button. I'll keep a look out for this problem and let you know if it happens to me.

I'm using Opera 7.11 on Windows ME

  Pesala 19:35 02 Jul 2003

is to wait so long before responding that you get logged out automatically.

  Valvegrid 19:39 02 Jul 2003

Thanks Pesala, my wife thinks I'm nuts, I'm begining to belive it :-[

I have removed the rewind buttons because, like you, I thought it was that but it's not.



  Quiller. 19:40 02 Jul 2003

What happens when you right click an empty space and pick back. The same?

  Meshuga 19:59 02 Jul 2003

Many thanks to all who responded. Looks like it`s going to remain a mystery. I`ll leave it run for a while, you never know, someone might come up with the answer.Meshuga.

  Valvegrid 07:00 03 Jul 2003

Just an extra thought, contact bounce, I have noticed sometimes if I click on a file in Explore it opens with a single click instead of a double click, which could be contact bounce in the mouse.

I'm not sure what browser your using, but you could try using the shortcut keys and see if that makes a difference. In IE it's ALT+ either the left or right arrow to go backwards or forwards, or in Opera it's Z or X. I must admit it still has happened occasionally to me using the shortcut keys, also to further confirm it, when I'm typing I get the odd double letter appear. It doesn't happen often enough to pinpoint a problem, but putting it all together now seems to make sense.


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