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  cass27 11:57 08 Jun 2003

I wish to back up my system files. when I started doing this with windows xp I realised I would probably need about 34 floppy discs! Can this be right? Also is it always best to copy to floppy (so to speak) can I also copy to the computers hard drive. Or can I only do this if the hard drive is partitioned? Also are there ways of creating a boot disc for XP or is there no need for one? I suppose I could copy to cd -rom?


  rawprawn 12:01 08 Jun 2003

You can create boot discs for XP, but there is no need the CD Rom acts as boot disc. As for backup I found the best way was to install another HD & backup to that. I used one from my old computer, it works a treat.

  cass27 12:11 08 Jun 2003

thanks, thats useful but I don't have and old hd and can't afford another at this stage. Am I therefore destined to spend four hours and firty floppies to back up the system.Thinking about it if I can boot from the cd anyway is it entirely necessary to back up suystem files anyway?

  VoG™ 12:22 08 Jun 2003

You should not need to backup system files as you can restore them if necessary using Start, Run and entering


or by repairing XP using the CD click here

You can download a set of boot floppies click here but this shouldn't be necessary either

  cass27 13:02 08 Jun 2003

thanks for your help.

P.s. In order for me to find solutions for others I've noticed a lot of people put 'click here' whicjh links to a useful web page. How is this done?

  rawprawn 13:43 08 Jun 2003

Just type the web address,it chnges to Click Here automatically when you post it

  -pops- 14:05 08 Jun 2003

The only things VITAL to back up are the data and information that is of value to you. Anything else is a convenience for when you have a disaster. I do thoroughly reommend having a full or as comprehensive a back up as possible if only to save that sinking feeling when your system decides, for whatever reason, to commit suicide.

Please do, though, as soon as you can, make at least one backup of all your personal stuff.


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