award space and ftp file transfer

  StupidCupid 22:21 03 Jul 2008

After talktalk have somehow managed to screw up my webspace with them, I have set up free webspace with Award Space and quite frankly I am a bit baffled as to how to actually get my websites into this space.
I have set up two domains in awardspace and I am using Classic FTP.
Classic is asking for the address of the FTP server and I cant work out what this actually means. I have been given 2 FTP hostnames by Awardspace which are website addresses with or without the www and dont have ftp in font of them. Can anyone help please?

  Forum Editor 22:27 03 Jul 2008

will be: ftp. yourdomainname

You'll then need a username and password to access the server.

(I've inserted spaces into the address because otherwise our site will create a 'click here' hyperlink).

When you say I" have set up two domains in awardspace" what exactly do you mean? You can't host two domain names in the same space.

  StupidCupid 19:34 04 Jul 2008

Thanks for that. i will try it. I realise that you can only have one domain name in a webspace but Award allow more than one domain per individual. I suppose that is what i should have made clear. Obviously I will use a different FTP server address for each domain. I do have only one username and password though for these two domains

  StupidCupid 20:04 05 Jul 2008

Thanks for these comments but I have tried ftp. followed by my complete domain and also without the www. Neither of these have worked

  DieSse 02:25 06 Jul 2008

The awardspace free hosting allows two domain names and 5 subdomains. The ftp settings are

Host Name (sub-domains)

Host Name for domains

User Name Your account name

You can log on with ftp using any of the host names you have setup, you will be presented with a set of folders corresponding to each domain and/or subdomain you have set up. You open the folder you want and ftp into it.

I've found them to be very reliable. and actually have two live sites hosted in their free space.

The main restriction in the free space is a file upload size limit of 500KB per file.

  DieSse 02:33 06 Jul 2008

When you setup your domains and/or subdomains in the awardspace control panel, their system automatically creates a folder in your account space, corresponding to the domains and/or subdomains you have setup.

Hoping that sounds clearer.

  DieSse 02:45 06 Jul 2008

Forgot to mention - you also need to create an ftp account from the control panel - that's where you specify your user name and password.

  DieSse 02:51 06 Jul 2008

And as a last pointer - if you go to Support Centre - Hosting FAQs, it should answer all your questions - and there's tutorials.

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