Avira Antivirus

  March Wind 23:27 21 Oct 2011

I am updating my avira Free Antyivirus. could you tell me do I have to click on all the arrows to download or install? some of them say the same but have different MB

Available for Windows or Unix.

Avira Free Antivirus Date Version Type Size
Avira Free Antivirus ? ? Oct 13, 2011 sfx 79,6 MB more infos ? ?
Avira Free Antivirus ? ? Oct 13, 2011 zip 88,96 MB more infos ? ?
Avira Free Unix/Linux ? ? Apr 12, 2011 zip 54,46 MB more infos ? ?
Avira Free Key ? ? Jul 25, 2011 2012.09.30 key 1 B more infos ? ?
User Manual - Avira Free Antivirus ? ? Oct 4, 2011 pdf 1,19 MB more infos ? ?
User Manual - Avira AntiVir Personal (Unix) ?

  gengiscant 04:01 22 Oct 2011

I am not sure why the first two have different size MB without actually seeing them but I would download the first one. I am assuming you have a Windows operating system so the thitd choice is not for you and again I am assuming that you have been using Avira for sometime and you have already registered and have got your free key so you do not need that either. Anything else is not needed unless of course you want to read the user manual.

  March Wind 21:09 27 Oct 2011

Thank you for your reply . I finally did what you suggested, now I have the latest Avira 2012. One more thing puzzles me and that is when I had downloaded the latest, it came up with a message Find Out More about it. When I clicked on it they were trying to get me to buy or try the trial version also there was a free download. which I had just downloaded. sorry it took so long for me to come back on this I have been very very buss with home refurbishment

  gengiscant 04:27 28 Oct 2011

That is usual, they,like most companies that have free versions of their software, are trying to get you to buy the paid for version. It is just something you have to put up with, the constant nags to buy.

  SimpleSimon1 10:20 28 Oct 2011

As a long-time [free] Avira user, to be fair to them, once a day only, (normally at PC start-up), it comes up with this message (which is dismissed with a single click). This isn't nearly as 'naggy' as other free software which I have used and TBH I don't think it is unreasonable when you consider that their free offering is consistently considered to be one of the leading free AV solutions, as well as being regularly updated and having daily signature updates.

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