Rizlo 22:18 08 Apr 2009

Today i downloaded Avira, and it caused me a nightmare.

After downloading it and running full system scan(which took three hours) it wanted me to restart my PC when finished. So i restarted PC and on start up a cmd screen appeared and it went crazy. It was flickering all over the screen. It was uncrontrollable.

I thought this was a virus, so i rebooted in safe mode. Everything was fine, but i didn't know how to sort it, so i went back to reboot when the same thing happened.

After about 15 attempts of trying to solve it in safe mode, i thought bugger it. If the thing is going to knacker my PC - then let it.

After 15 minutes it settled and the command prompt screen disappeared. So if this wasn't a virus, why didn't the antivirus software let me know things could go crazy? Can any one explain the activity?

Anyway, that's part of the problem. I got limited to no connectivity after the above problem, so i did a system recovery because even though i filled the web key in the fields it wouldn't connect, why? I think it was acquiring network?

So, what happened, and how do i sort both problems out in the future?


  FatboySlim71 22:45 08 Apr 2009

I think your question might get more help if you posted it on the Avira forum.

I have used Avira for around 12 months and I have never had any problems whatsoever. The problems you have had make me think it was some incompatibility with something else you have running, especially when you say "i rebooted in safe mode everything was fine".

Also, 3 hours to do a scan is a massive amount of time, I run a full scan on mine and it takes approx 30 minutes and that's on a system that has 130GB of stuff. You either have a hell of a lot on your computer, or your hard drive is in desperate need of a defrag. Even an older machine I would have expected it wouldn't take that long has Avira is very light on system resources.

Here's the link for the Avira forum, you will need to register first before you post a question but this is free and only takes a few minutes.

click here

  Rizlo 00:25 09 Apr 2009

Thanks i will sign up there tomorrow. To be honest though, i thought it would be answered here :0)

Never mind.

  FatboySlim71 08:37 09 Apr 2009

"To be honest though, i thought it would be answered here :0)"

It may well be answered on here yet, its just that the Avira forum is specifically for Avira (Avira products). I know when I have had queries about Avira they have helped me out always, there is some very knowledgeable forum members on the Avira forum (I'm not saying there isn't knowledgeable forum members on here lol). I would be very surprised if they couldn't help you out.

A thought has just come into my head. They might ask you (on the Avira forum) to post what they call a Hijackthis log.

Hijackthis is a free utility which quickly scans your computer to find settings that may have been changed by spyware, malware or other unwanted programs. HijackThis creates a report, or log file, with the results of the scan.

The log file is in the form of a text document, you simple just copy all of the text from the text document/log file and then paste it on to your post on the Avira forum. From this the forum members can tell if something is causing the problem.

It might be worth posting a Hijackthis log with your initial post on the Avira forum (it may give the forum members more to go on initially) has I can imagine they would ask you to do a Hijackthis log anyways. I hope you get things sorted with Avira has it is an excellent anti virus program, it normally comes out on top in all of the tests.

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