avi to dvd conversion speed

  dragonfury 19:36 18 Jun 2008

Can someone give me some advice for the following:

I have converted avi files to dvd format, however a 700mb avi file takes about six hours to decode. I`ve heard that most programs take 1hr or 2.

Obviously the speed may depend on my computer speed and memory or is it the program?

Lets take for example:

I downloaded 10 different convert to dvd programs, will they all convert the same speed?

Let me know

  AL47 19:52 18 Jun 2008

well put it this way,

i convert dvds to mp4, and it takes approx 30 mins for 1hr 1/2 of dvd

  AL47 19:52 18 Jun 2008

oh, its a good laptop and good program

  eedcam 22:42 18 Jun 2008

Avi is not a format so there are several variants.Make sure your disc is defragged and that you have plenty of space .try and have nothing else running even the internet.see if that improves .

  dragonfury 11:24 19 Jun 2008

ive got lots of hd space left and reasonable speed and memory. Any other ideas?

  Ditch999 12:11 19 Jun 2008

There are different settings within each programme and you can specify the number of passes the programme makes to convert your avi file. Obviously, the more passes the more time it will take.
It is also recommended that you use 2 separate HDDs for video encoding - one to read the avi file from and one to write the DVD file to.
2gb RAM and a dual core CPU recommended as well.

  gazzaho 12:28 19 Jun 2008

I have a Toshiba Satellite 100-188 1.83GHz Dual core notebook and use Nero 7 to burn avi files to DVD and it takes roughly 1 to 2 hours depending on the size of the avi.

When I use my dinosaur desktop, with a Pentium 4 2.53GHz processor to burn them it takes about 4 to 6 hours. I should also say that this is on normal priority as I browse the web and do some other none processor intensive operations while the burning process continues in the background.

I guess if you upped the priority to the highest setting and left the computer alone you might shave a few minutes off the overall time.

  I am Spartacus 13:02 19 Jun 2008

Using Adobe Premiere Elements 3.02 with a 6.9GB avi file takes one of my systems around 6 minutes to output to DVD (vob format) and a couple of minutes longer to render to SVCD. That's with a quad core, 2GB RAM and using a separate hard disk for file output.

  AL47 18:15 19 Jun 2008

thats fast

i should add that i hace a 2.86 core 2 laptop

and the program uses both to 100%

  LABMAN 21:31 19 Jun 2008

I have an E6750 with 4GB DDR2 800 RAM and converting an AVI to DVD using Nero Vison 4 takes approx 25 minutes for an average length film (90ish Min)

  Diversion 23:37 19 Jun 2008

It depends on your processor that's in the PC, on my old computer with a 1.7GHz processor it used to take from 2hrs to 6hrs depending on the AVI.

On this one it takes about an hour or less for a 3 hour film on 2 passes, but that's with a 3.2GHz dual core processor with 2GB of RAM. I was astonished at the difference at the speed difference myself, I use Nero to convert and burn.
Like I Am Spartacus points out with the Quad Core Processor that is faster still.

Regards Paul

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