AVI - Converter needed!

  B2K 00:13 18 Sep 2004

Anyone know of a good free (if possible) app to convert AVI so it will burn with nero?

Any ideas would be great... Cheers!

  kev.Ifty 00:26 18 Sep 2004

I have NERO and it has no probs with AVI files

but try this anyway it is a good prog.click here

AD Free and will convert most files. Have a "play"

Cheers Kev

  Simon_P 00:27 18 Sep 2004

But this may help
click here


Type "avi converter" into google plenty of results

  B2K 09:59 18 Sep 2004


Your nero really burns AVI files?
Im very confused as to why i cant then... please can you explain your procedure, for example what option do you select (create a dvd video etc)

Basicly im trying to burn avi to be able to play the disc in a stand alone dvd player.

  rubella 10:33 18 Sep 2004

click here and go to tutorials. You want:

AVI or d2v to VCD

Free and simple

  B2K 17:41 18 Sep 2004


Thanks for the help... This seems a realy good guide although when i try to open up my video file in TMPGEnc it says my AVI file is unsupported?

  B2K 17:46 18 Sep 2004

Should i be using MPEG rather than AVI?

  stalion 17:59 18 Sep 2004

your avi file may be divx format

  B2K 18:14 18 Sep 2004

Im going to try with MPEG instead!

  kev.Ifty 00:23 19 Sep 2004


Yeah i am using Nero 6 ultra edition. I have had this for a few months and have only just started using it .

I use a tool within Nero called Nero Express but i am making VCD's not DVD's. Whether this makes the difference.........i'm not sure.

But some of the files i have "burnt" to disc were definitely .avi

When i select the file using Nero a little window opens to tell me that "your video files will be automatically converted to VCD compliant mpeg1 files during the burn process. Ijust click next and Nero does its thing........

Cheers Kev

  TomJerry 00:49 19 Sep 2004

There are many free programs which can convert (encode) AVI files to MPEG1 format which is only good for VCD, however there is no free program for converting (encoding) AVI to MPEG2 (dvd need mpeg2) due to licence issues.

What you need to do is to buy a low cost video editing package which includs converter (encoder more precisely). Ulead Videostudio £43.1 is an excellent (and well likeed) low cost video editing package. You can download a trial verison to find out click here

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