AVI conversion software

  kimtrnc 16:09 19 Sep 2008

Anyone advise me of a free or cheap software to convert .avi to .asf at a resolution of 220 x 176, as I am about to chuck my new MP4 player in the ocean, and myself with it....

  ambra4 16:48 19 Sep 2008
  kimtrnc 18:03 19 Sep 2008

Ambra 4 - your link was brilliant....BUT I have just spent approx 3 hours looking at all the suggested possibilities, and I can't find even one that will allow me to convert from .avi to .asf with a very specific requirement for 220 x 176 resolution - the manufacturers tell me that this is the only size and format which is accepted by my player.
The really annoying thing is that i can convert, transfer to player, see the file...but not persuade it to play. I am rapidly losing the will to live...
Thanks for your help

  MCE2K5 18:11 19 Sep 2008

Give this a try "SUPER, Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer" click here

This will convert .avi to .asf at a resolution of 220 x 176.

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