AVG8 won't automatically update

  benson68 12:21 03 Aug 2008

Even though I set it to update at a certain time of day, it loses this setting.
Recently, I've ditched Zone Alarm, & now I'm using the WinXP firewall. Could this be something to do with it?
I've re-installed AVG (repair option) but still I have to update manually.

Any solution?

  provider 2 12:27 03 Aug 2008
  benson68 18:53 03 Aug 2008

I've now uninstalled AVG8, done a search & deleted anything else with AVG in it, & installed a fresh copy of AVG8.
See what happens.

  provider 2 22:41 03 Aug 2008


Hopefully that will do the trick but if not then it`s checking that previous AV progs are completely uninstalled (Norton in particular), checking your Windows time and date, firewall permissions, resetting update manager, Ccleaner(+registry option), defrag etc, etc.

Automatic updating seems to be a common problem with AVG 8.0 but it can be made to work (eventually).

  benson68 10:47 04 Aug 2008

So far, so good. No other anti virus to remove, as it's a new computer. Wouldn't use Norton, & I've had to ditch Zone Alarm because of extremely slow running. (That was the reason I changed the computer, but found the culprit afterwards!)
I clean up often -but carefully.
Thanks for your help.

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