AVG8 (paid version) issues

  72search 18:45 15 Jun 2008

Hi-I'm looking for some advice about anti virus software. In the past I've used avast & been quite satisfied but more recently received many recommendations to go the extra mile & install a paid version. I consulted 8 different techno-minded friends who gave me such conflicting advice I thought I'd go online for help. I'm using Vista on a brand new machine with 3gb of RAM. I installed NORTON 360 a month ago that caused so many dramas I was advised by those in the know that "everyone knows not to buy Norton! What were you thinking?!" so I opted for a 2 year paid version of AVG8. This prog is telling me I've got a dozen trojans every time I scan & *now* I'm being advised by all my i.t expert mates to give this the flick too. Before I spend another couple of hundred bucks, has anyone got further advice for me? I've just wasted a lot of dough & any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

  wee eddie 19:05 15 Jun 2008

Did you "fully" remove Norton 360, using it's "Removal Tool" downloaded from the Symantec website, before installing AVG?

The residual presence of Norton 360, or any other AV for that matter, on a PC when a new AV is installed would be likely to produce just such an effect.

  72search 19:09 15 Jun 2008

Hi Eddie-Yes it was professionally removed instore by a tech who removed it via the authorised website. I'm just looking for a good, easy-to-use a-v prog that's not going to require ongoing tweaking & changing by me. I really don't mind paying what it takes for peace of mind that I've got a solid performer.

  iscanut 19:14 15 Jun 2008

Was confuse when I could not see my posting on this thread then realised you have also put it up on Helpdesk. This confuses the issue by posting the same thread in two places.

  72search 19:16 15 Jun 2008

My apologies.. I've newly registered and thought I might've posted it in the wrong spot first time 'round. Sorry for the stuff up.

  wee eddie 20:08 15 Jun 2008

I do not have the Paid Version but ~ after the Scan ~ Did you instruct it to remove the Trojans.

  wee eddie 20:14 15 Jun 2008

The reason for most of the antipathy to Norton is that it slows you system something dreadful.

AVG, Avast, Nod32 et alia are all pretty good at their job and slow the PC less than Norton 360 (which is an improvement on previous iterations).

Trojans may require special actions. I suggest you have a quick shufty at the Manual.

  72search 04:39 16 Jun 2008

Cheers Eddie-I really appreciate the advice mate.

  Expat 1 22:04 13 Jul 2008


"This prog is telling me I've got a dozen Trojans every time I scan"

Thought that is what i'ts supposed to do !!!

Unless there the same Trojans every time.

Then follow wee eddie's advice

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