AVG7 won't connect

  palinka 19:27 07 Dec 2004

Really frustrating cops I know this is something simple and i can't rememebr how to fix it - friend has installed AVG7 to replace 6.
When she had 6 she clicked on "look for updates" and the program would dial up, connect to her isp. Now, with AVG7 it refuses to do this - a message something like "your connection has failed", but this happens even if she's already connected (eg. to get email). What setting somewhere needs to be re-jigged, please.

  john-232317 20:45 07 Dec 2004

Is it XP and is AVG 7 getting through firewall ?

  john-232317 20:49 07 Dec 2004

But then i spose it is if she`s getting emails in.

  dagwoood 20:56 07 Dec 2004

palinka, this can happen when the AVG servers are busy and the connection times out. This usually happens when an update is available and a lot of people are trying to download it.

If you persevere you'll eventually get a connection and be able to download the update.

There is an update available today, this may account for your friends inability to connect.

HTH, dagwoood.

  palinka 09:19 08 Dec 2004

thanks everyone. I'd come to the conclusion it might be the settings in the Update Manager - is it set to dial up her usual isp, for instance; but hven't had timne to check yet. Yes it's XP. Don't know whether firewall is enabled, I must find out

  JohnC123 16:53 11 Dec 2004

I have had the same problem - using XP Pro - I found that by disabling both Windows firewall and the Sygate firewall, AVG will update OK.

  palinka 17:25 11 Dec 2004

Solved it -
AVG Controlcenter>updatemanager>settings>dial-up, then tick "use dial up connection";"automatically open this connection" & "if another connectiion open use it."
When I looked all these were greyed out.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

  palinka 17:28 11 Dec 2004

JohnC123 it looks as though your problem may have been diferent. On my own system (ME)I had conflicts between AVG7 and Zone alarm but now I've switched to Sygate I have no problems.

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