avg7 v avast

  march 14:52 18 Nov 2004

I know there have been lots of postings about these 2anti-virus programs,

I always used pc-cillin & never had a problem but then tried avg6 did'nt have any problems with that either.

last week upgraded to avg7version since then I've had problems; computer seems to keep getting e-mail & shutdown/starup problems

Thinking of getting rid of avg7 & trying avast, can any of you tell me if it is easy to enough understand & use for a computer novice?
Would I be better off with it in your expert opinions.


  Belatucadrus 15:00 18 Nov 2004

avast is one of the most idiot proof anti virus products available, probably why it suits me. Automatic updates, support from avast for the free version, skinable if you want to fiddle with the cosmetics, scans e-mail, instant messaging & P2P downloads, also comes with a screen saver setting that allows it to scan the PC when things are idle. Very nice product.

  Cook2 15:05 18 Nov 2004

Avast! looks after itself. You can set it to auto-update itself. It's already set to auto-update it's definitions and a 'pop-up' together with a friendly american voice advises you when it's been done. I've had no problems whatsoever.

  march 15:08 18 Nov 2004

oh right,

like what your saying, the idiot proof is very me, dont think I will do much fiddling can get in a mess without that!
what are P2P's?

  Cook2 15:08 18 Nov 2004

I must remember to refresh and learn to type faster. Sorry, Belatucadrus.

  Cook2 15:11 18 Nov 2004

click here to get it. Yes march, it does.

  Belatucadrus 15:14 18 Nov 2004

P2P is the polite generic term for stuff like Kazaa and other similar file swappers. I wouldn't touch any of them with the proverbial barge pole, but if you're into that kind of stuff having an anti virus package that'll keep an eye on it is an extremely good idea.

  march 15:20 18 Nov 2004

sorry Belatucadrus wasn't being funny about P2P's for some reason it wasn't highlighted in the 1st posting

should I uninstall AVG first then install avast or wont it matter either way?

  Cook2 15:21 18 Nov 2004

Download Avast! disconnect from the net, uninstall your AVG, install Avast! Reconnect to the net.

  march 15:26 18 Nov 2004

righty ok

thanks Belatucadrus & Cook2 will do as suggested,

thankyou both xx

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