AVG7 messes up my Thinkpad 600

  Chris the Ancient 20:11 11 Jan 2005

I liked having AVG6 on my IBM Thinkpad 600.

Then grisoft brought out AVG7 which is all singing, all dancing and they are no longer supporting v6.


When I put v7 on my Thinkpad 600, it messed up the lappie going into suspend when I shut the lid. Sometimes and not all of the time. This was quite alarming when I couldn't understand why my battery sometimes went flat when I wasn't expecting it. It was lucky that I noticed this lack of suspend and followed it up from there. Hmmm...

Uninstall AVG7 and the problem went.

Re-install AVG7 and the problem came back.

So back to uninstalling AVG7.

This means I have no AV on my lappie - which isn't too serious a problem because it very seldom connects direct to the internet. It usually just goes into the home network to download the day's work onto the 'master' machine.

Anyone else had a problem like this and found a solution?

  Technotiger 20:16 11 Jan 2005

Hi, not too familiar with laptops, but, does AV7 and the rest of your system work ok if, instead of going into Suspend, you Shut down the laptop as with a pc?

  spikeychris 20:30 11 Jan 2005

What system's on the laptop Chris?

  Chris the Ancient 20:58 11 Jan 2005

Been busy working!


With a 'proper' shutdown, all is fine. It's purely on going into suspend that things go a little wobbly and indefinite.


What a sensible question! The lappie is on 98SE. It has one or two other (minor) glitches to resolve after this one that don't appear to be related. But one thing at a time with my brain.

  Technotiger 21:07 11 Jan 2005

well, for what it's worth, if it were me I would opt to keep AV7, and not bother about Suspend! Using 'normal' shut-down instead.


  spikeychris 21:13 11 Jan 2005

If its only doing it some of the time then it looks like something [AVG] wont allow itself to go to bed if its working. Have to log off meself Chris but I'll have a look around tomorrow if your not sorted.

  Chris the Ancient 22:01 11 Jan 2005


A normal shutdown isn't really an option. When I use the machine, I need it to be on line quite quickly - a Thinkpad 600 is not the fastest booting machine in the world, and I don't want to keep the customer waiting!


You're replicating my thoughts as well. It does look like a peculiarity of AVG7.

Maybe see you the morrow ;0)

  spikeychris 10:45 12 Jan 2005

Pmtshoot is a tool that you can use to identify the program or device driver that is preventing your computer from entering either a standby or suspended mode. Pmtshoot monitors your computer when it enters a suspended mode, and then attempts to identify programs or device drivers that may prevent your computer from entering a suspended mode

click here and install the Pmtshoot diagnostic.

  Chris the Ancient 18:18 12 Jan 2005

Hi Chris

Sorry for the delay. It's taken me this long to get home, get the day's paperwork and admin done and get into here.

You clever little researcher, you!

I'm going to load that routine into the lappie, but I'm going to hold fire on reloading AVG7 until a less critical time so that I can try some experiments and not panic about the battery going flat at the most inconvenient time (don't they always?).

So it may be a few days before the thread pops near the top again, but I ain't forgotten it!

Ta very much


  spikeychris 18:34 12 Jan 2005

"Sorry for the delay. It's taken me this long to get home, get the day's paperwork and admin done and get into here."

You after sympathy?

  Chris the Ancient 18:43 12 Jan 2005

Well I never get any of the missus!

Just didn't want you thinking that I was ignoring you Chris!


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