AVG will not Update

  mcheathen 19:35 11 Jun 2008

My mate's AVG will not update. Every time he trys a message appears saying that 'the connection with the update server failed'.

How can this be sorted?

  skidzy 20:07 11 Jun 2008

Is this the new version that has the problem ?

7.5 ceased support on the 31st of May.

If version 8 is installed,try rebooting the computer and see if it updates.

  mcheathen 20:13 11 Jun 2008

yes it is version 8.

  p;3 20:16 11 Jun 2008

assuming you are discussing avg7.5

as far as we know
click here
avg 7.5 will continue to update till December 2008

if you are running the completley different program of avg8.0 free or the full package of avg8.0 you , like so many others will have problems

as someone on another forum so rightly says

avg8.0 seems to have been released before all the problems have been ironed out , and as each day progresses more and more threads are appearing on various sites with avg8.0 issues

sadly avg7.5 bears little comparison with avg8.0 and many are now moving away from what WAS a trusty program

  Spark6 20:18 11 Jun 2008

I received the same message last week. An uninstall and reinstall cured the problem!

  mcheathen 22:07 11 Jun 2008

I did an uninstall and reinstall Spark6, but it never cured the problem.

  provider 2 22:14 11 Jun 2008
  peter99co 22:17 11 Jun 2008

This usually happens if auto update is set and your internet connection is not active quick enough. I just click update and of it goes.

  provider 2 22:29 11 Jun 2008

Possibly a conflict problem? Scroll down to

1214 AVG 8.0 Conflict problems: click here

  mcheathen 02:02 17 Aug 2008

My mate ended up using Virgin's PC guard instead.

It has now been my turn for having this problem - none of the links posted can help me - maybe I can't find the relevant information.

I was getting the server failed to connect message, then I downloaded and installed the latest version of 8 and I am now getting the 'bin file is missing' message.

  MCE2K5 02:07 17 Aug 2008

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