AVG warning

  hssutton 08:36 06 Dec 2010

Have just received this warning on another forum.

"if you run AVG anti-virus (either the full, paid for or the free version), the latest updates for AVG 2011 can break windows, making the system unbootable, even in safe mode."

click here

  The Kestrel 09:14 06 Dec 2010

This warning appears to refer to an update from several days ago, number 3292. I have just checked my AVG free version, having just updated, and am now on update number 3299, so I guess my 3922 update went ahead OK.

  hssutton 10:57 06 Dec 2010

No problem if all's well, here's a little more info on the problem.

If you are unable to boot to your operating system after the recent AVG 2011 update 3292, it is necessary to perform the following steps to solve the situation: click here

  shellship 12:55 06 Dec 2010

I'm on the paid version and my update as of yesterday was, like The Kestrel, 3299 and all seems OK.

  wee eddie 17:58 06 Dec 2010

between an AVG Free Update and Windows 7, which was said to stop some Versions of W7 from opening.

However, as we have had no rash of Threads saying "My W7 PC won't Open" I think that we can safely assume that the number of PCs, affected, was very small.

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