AVG V'S Norton... which one is the best??

  know_nowt 12:24 07 Feb 2009

Hi All, I currently have Norton Protection centre pre-installed on my laptop... it is due to be renewed. Should i renew it or should i go with AVG, i have previously always used AVG anti virus and Zone Alarm fire wall. Could someone advise me on what it the best..??

  Marko797 12:29 07 Feb 2009

responses will be subjective, based on individual experience, so u might get some varied views.

Many ppl say Norton is a resource hog, for example, and not particularly popular for the same reason.

I've has AVG but, like many, had problems with it. I switched to Avast.

In any case, I would not pay for anti-v or firewall. I'd go with the usual strong recommendations of Avast Free and Comodo, also free.

  know_nowt 12:33 07 Feb 2009

Cheers Marko!! i am not keen on paying either.. :)

  provider 2 12:34 07 Feb 2009

I think you`ll get more disagreement than anything else asking that question.

Personally, I don`t like any of them, preferring instead Avast, Comodo, and SpywareBlaster with scanning only from MalwareBytes Anti-Malware and SUPERAntispyware.

  Marko797 12:35 07 Feb 2009

if u do choose Avast, then make sure it's Avast Free, otherwise u'll end up with a trial version which expires after so many days.

  Marko797 12:37 07 Feb 2009

forgot link click here

U need to register, but then that's it.

  know_nowt 12:41 07 Feb 2009

provider 2.... thanks for that :) .. personally i dont like Norton.. tends to interfere with other applications, and would have never have installed it if i had the choice. Just wondered if it would do the job i suppose. like i said it is about to expire, just wondering whether to renew it, and what's the best out there.. :)

  know_nowt 12:42 07 Feb 2009

Cool Marko... thanks for the link, i'll sort it now :)

  provider 2 12:46 07 Feb 2009


My experience of Norton (quite an old version) was that it gobbled resources like there was no tomorrow and interfered with System Restore and other things ... a right royal pain in the neck!

I`ve heard the latest version is much better in many respects but my attitude is, why bother when Avast does a perfectly good job and is free?

  know_nowt 12:50 07 Feb 2009

Provider 2

totally agree,know exactly what you mean! my only problem now is trying to get the dam thing off i lap, as it was preinstalled, had the same problem with my PC there it was lurking in the background, couldnt seem to remove it, no matter what i did! just hope i can get rid of this one!!

  Marko797 12:51 07 Feb 2009

might be the case that u need to get the Norton Removal Tool (NRT) maybe from their site, or Symantec. What a pain.

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