Avg vs Avast

  MMN DESIGN 17:33 21 Mar 2006

Well.......The question is Which is Best???

I have finally after 4 years, trashed the all ( Not So Mighty and Resource Hog ) Norton Internet Security.

I have looked at Bit Defender which is another resource hog.

I am currently running Windows firewall
Lavasoft Ad-aware Professional
Trojan Hunter and BOClean

I do not have an av installed.

I paid enough for norton, so I am asking you all which freeby to choose.

Thanks again for all of your past, present and future guidance.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:59 21 Mar 2006

Type Avg or Avast into the search forum at the top and then select 'all'. You will find over 100 similar queries. It matters not which one you choose, they are both good.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:59 21 Mar 2006

ps..you do not need to select 'all'.


  rmcqua 19:56 21 Mar 2006

Try them both (but not installed at the same time) and see which you prefer using. In terms of effectiveness, they are both good and there is little to choose between them.

  MMN DESIGN 21:01 21 Mar 2006

Thank-you all

  pennyben 23:28 21 Mar 2006

Do not forget Anti Vir as well. Google for reviews and have a look.

click here

  criterian 09:12 22 Mar 2006

If you are just running Windows Firewall, it might be advisable for you to try some of the other FREE firewalls as well as your antivirus. Have a look at click here as this has all the links to the major players.

  ade.h 15:56 22 Mar 2006

Re the last comment: click here
I wouldn't recommend any other free firewall. Please read the whole page though; it initially looks like a premium-only product.

  Julip 13:32 24 Mar 2006

I have had experience of both. My sister uses AVG and I use Avast. They both seem to work well and no infections have been logged in either case. Both systems have been scanned on line with other applications (Symantec, Kapersky etc) to see if anything had been missed by them,but no problems were found. Best bet is to try them and see which you prefer. I had Norton on my last computer and certainly wouldn't go back to it.

  anchor 10:07 30 Mar 2006

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