AVG vs Avast

  emmandelo1 20:01 07 Apr 2004

Win XP Pro, BT Openworld Broadband. I have been using AVG and am getting frustrated with the updating problems. Have taken all the advice on here regards this. Have also seen recommendations for Avast. If I install Avast is it okay to run AVG and Avast at the same time in order to compare or will they conflict?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:03 07 Apr 2004

There is no need to run 2 AV's together and IMEx they cause conflicts. AVG seems to be working OK now, no point jumping ship because of a rain shower.


  emmandelo1 20:07 07 Apr 2004

Thanks GANDALF <|:-)>, duly noted. But I would still like to take a look at Avast. If I stop AVG running on start up will it just sit there doing nothing while I have Avast running or would I have to uninstall AVG altogether to stop any conflict.

  TommyRed 21:22 07 Apr 2004

I normally update AVG from the Czech site but must admit it's getting tedious. Despite what GANDALF has said it still wont update for me from the program. Maybe it's because I've fiddled around with it so much in the past few weeks, if it's supposedly fixed now I might re-install or as you have said try out Avast. TR

  y_not 21:46 07 Apr 2004

Just swapped to Avast (following another thread).

Only a novice on these matters but to me it "feels" better.

I began by uninstalling AVG then installed Avast (I do have a copy of AVG and I saved the emailed code)

  livewire 22:16 07 Apr 2004

I found aVast to be very troublesome, espically when it come to unistalling- I was left with Bad DLLS which kept loading and presenting errors on start-up.

I recommend AVG as a free Anti-Virus
If your willing to pay go for Noton AntiVirus

  Gaz 25 22:37 07 Apr 2004

They are both good if you dont want to pay.

But the fact that AVG does NOT automatically REMOVE a virus with its resident sheild, I dont like it.

You have to RUN AVG to remove the worm, virus, or whatever.

I would suggest, getting AVG 7 pro, or Norton, Panda, Mc Affe or Trend.

  emmandelo1 22:44 07 Apr 2004

Seems like opinion is somewhat divided. Gaz 25. That's what is making me inclined to put Avast on. It apparently does automatically remove a virus. Back to my original query.. can I disable AVG whilst running Avast or would I have to uninstall AVG before putting Avast on?

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