AVG ? Virus

  kaza1 10:08 19 Aug 2007

Hi, I have avg installed and today when it was doing the scan it foind a file and said it may be an unknown virus and it has put it in the virus vault.

Do I leave it there or delete it, I also have spybot so i am running that now.


  User-1159794 10:25 19 Aug 2007

Can you post the name of the file?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:25 19 Aug 2007

You can leave it there but you might as well delete it.


  kaza1 10:42 19 Aug 2007


Exploit.Ani, is the unknown virus.

spybot also just found something else for the 1st time it was a TagASaurus, which I have deleted.

Why have these 2 things just suddenly got in?

Thanks so much for your help

  kaza1 10:45 19 Aug 2007

Hi sorry the code it gives is ms017-017(1)ani

if thats any help


  SANTOS7 11:05 19 Aug 2007

click here

Its a high risk virus that you should delete.

Have to say its testament to AVG its a great prog and its diong exactly what it is supposed to do....

  kaza1 11:07 19 Aug 2007

Will delete it, thanks,

is there a way to stop it getting in in the future? and how has it got in?


  SANTOS7 11:20 19 Aug 2007

you have the software to cope with things like this, regular updating and scanning is a must.
the only piece of advice i can really give you is be vigilant about where you point your PC when browsing the web.
There are a mountain of sites out there that while they may look innocent enough, are obviously not.
stick to the trusted sites you know.
as for stopping them "hackers" will always find a way.
nearly forgot a good firewall will certainly help...

  kaza1 11:25 19 Aug 2007

Thanks so much for your time

  SANTOS7 11:37 19 Aug 2007

not a problem, glad to help,good luck........

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