AVG versus Norton

  cink2 18:07 16 Apr 2007

Hi, am running new PC with free norton 90 days but am considering going for AVG freebie anti virus and spyware, is this as good and do i have to uninstall the present norton security or just deactivate (somehow)!!!

Help/thoughts appreciated, thanks.

  SB23 18:12 16 Apr 2007

I would recommend uninstalling Norton, with the removal tool, click here, and use AVG or any of the other freebies.
I've been using all the freeware for nearly 2 years, and would never go back to the "paid for programs".

  wee eddie 18:41 16 Apr 2007

Store it on your Desktop, but do not Run it.

Use Norton's free uninstall to get rid of Norton, then run your chosen AV.

Don't forget a Firewall and all the other bits and pieces

  p;3 19:03 16 Apr 2007

in my book; avg versus Norton? no contest::))

remove Norton then get the avg if avg is your choise of free antivirus program

what other non antivirus protection are you thinking of having?

  cink2 20:11 16 Apr 2007

Hi thanks for advice,

p;3 I was gonna add also AVG anti spyware then possibly zone alarm firewall, am i on the right track!!?

Found a thread by skidzy somewhere on site which gave some helpful checklist advice for security.+ freebie downloads

got a laptop also, running xp wiv years disk of norton but not sure whether to bother wiv that now

  p;3 21:21 16 Apr 2007

click here

click here

click here

are all good programs I use

skidzy's thread has a lot of good stuff on it; but remember you need only ONE firewall and XP has its own; many who use XP do NOT use its firewall but use another of their own choice;

remember, one av program, one firewall and a selection of good antibug programs regularly updated and run on full deep scans AND, hopefully goes withougt sayng ...safe surfing ..no porn sites, no irresponsibel downloading of materials


click here

is a good program to filter out unwanted mails from reaching your comp if use use either outlook or OE as your e mail client

??how's that lot to be getting on with?

and what protection is on the lappy?

  cink2 22:01 16 Apr 2007

Thanks p;3 thats great,

lappy got half price norton 2007 wiv it as well as usual free lead in

  Mollo 15:15 17 Apr 2007

If you are uninstalling Norton it seems an ordinary "Uninstall" doesn't remove some files. Symantec have a special uninstall download that cleans the system of their security software.
Check the Symantec website.

  p;3 15:19 17 Apr 2007

click here should help BUT make sure you choose YOUR version of windows BEFORE proceeding if you wish to use this tool

beats me why an antivirus program NEEDS a special tool to remove it; says a lot about the program doesnt it::))

  Jimmy14 16:33 17 Apr 2007

In my book, Norton is a decent program that takes a lot of resources, AVG is a good program that doesn't use a lot resources.

  riiverstock 16:35 17 Apr 2007

The reason that the paid for Anti-Virus programs require a removal tool is to try and prevent users from constantly re-installing their OEM copy after the year is up.
It keeps piles of information hidden away.

It won't stop the determined but it does succeed when dealing with the amateurs.

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