AVG V8 scan shows 24508 problems????

  compumac 13:29 27 May 2008

I have just dragged an old PC out of the cupboard that has not been used for some 12 months. There is very little on the unit and I downloaded AVG V8 Antivirus Free edition and it found 24,508 problems. Considering there is virtually nothing on the PC that must mean there are as many problems as there are files on it.
Thoughts anyone?

  PO79 13:35 27 May 2008

Format and re-install!

  compumac 13:43 27 May 2008

Prior to AVG 8 there were no problems at all. I do not believe the result! AVG 7 reported no problems so why does V8 think there are 24,508?

  cocteau48 13:46 27 May 2008

Do not format and reinstall!
I take it that these are warnings and not threats?
If you have other "active" antispyware progams on your system (such as spywareblaster) they write registry scripts identical to those which would be written by real spyware - thereby stopping the real spyware from being installed. AVG recognizes these scripts but cannot distinguish between those put there by your antispyware program and the real thing - so flags them as a warning.

Treat them as false positives and forget them.

  cocteau48 13:58 27 May 2008

If you want reassurance you can mend them all in AVG - it will take a while - but if you then go to your antispyware program it will probably tell you that you have got a similar number of items now unprotected. Enable their protection and they will be detected by AVG again.
By the way I also have over 24000 of them!

  Seth Haniel 14:09 27 May 2008

also if you check fix - the virus vault only holds 1000 items at a time - you will have to empty vault and then- have to do the scan quite a few more times - probably another 24 times to remove them all ;(

  Halmer 14:19 27 May 2008

because AVG 8 picks up the immunisations on these as a false warning. It's a known conflict.

  compumac 14:24 27 May 2008

There was absolutely no way would I have reformatted. They were warnings, but the programme had run for nearly four hours and I could not credit the numbers or the time so I aborted the scan.

  compumac 14:27 27 May 2008

No Spywareblaster or Spybot

  cocteau48 14:41 27 May 2008

What antispyware are you running?
All 24000 of mine are flagged within the first two minutes of the scan running ... are yours the same?

That aside if,as you say,there is virtually nothing on the machine the scan should not be taking 4 hours.

  compumac 14:58 27 May 2008

I have A Squared and AdAware 2007 only. I am at this time running it again and leaving to arrive to its conclusion, rather than aborting
A great number did show up fairly on in the proceedings but I have not yet seen the screen with the two tabs on, one of which displays the WARNINGS. When does that display. On completion?

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