AVG upgrade 7.0

  Kernow999 11:11 23 Dec 2004

Ever since downloading the recommended upgrade of the AVG Free, my pc has become unstable and keeps crashing. I keep getting messages saying that any unsaved data will be lost, then I get the blue screen to press any button to continue.
Is there a connection between the two? Has anybody else found the same? Are there any solutions

  Arthur Scrimshaw 11:18 23 Dec 2004

I'm running AVG 7.0 with no problems - on their website they draw attention to the use of Roxio cd drivers with AVG as a potential problem. Are you running any Roxio software?

  Diemmess 11:46 23 Dec 2004

With the care of two multi-boot computers, I have had instability problems too.

I am working on the idea that even when installing direct from the website (which claims to remove and reinstall AVG7 free, I feel that the markers which AVG puts into every drive, make a conflict between the new and old codes on other drives.

I seem to have solved it on this one by bullying my way and upgradeing each system. I have yet to prove it on the second computer which is not at this address.

  Kernow999 12:47 23 Dec 2004

I am not using Roxio and am only using the one pc. Not sure if it is AVG or just coincidence but it all worked well before the upgrade.

  Stuartli 12:59 23 Dec 2004

Uninstall AVG7 and see if your system is back (or as near as possible) to the way it was performing before the installation.

I've installed AVG7 Free on two systems, XP Pro and Windows 98SE, and both are working as expected except that, on the latter system, the e-mail scanner configuration in ZoneAlarm had to be added (avgnet.exe and avginet.exe)

  Kernow999 08:47 02 Jan 2005

I have now uninstalled and all seems to be running ok, but I have no virus protection.
Why should this AVG cause my pc to crash?

  Kernow999 12:17 02 Jan 2005

Any suggestions please?

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 12:20 02 Jan 2005

Try another free av program - links on here click here

  ACOLYTE 12:23 02 Jan 2005

Well one is to get some AV protection click here do a free one but not used it so cant say how good it is.Or you could always give AVG another try i am using it with no problems.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 12:24 02 Jan 2005

Sorry there was no links to the downloads - but a lot are here click here?

  Diemmess 12:26 02 Jan 2005

High time to install AVG7Free again!

Only a suggestion, but it seems there is a significant difference between the 6 and 7 versions in the way that the program coding is written. If the new AVG comes across traces of the old, I suppose it is possible to have a conflict which doesn't have (in old terms) an error trap. Hence it freezes.......Well that's only my guess.

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