AVG upgrade

  Madrat 22:58 09 May 2008

I have just upgraded to the new free version of AVG 8 but my PC is now very slow on start up, is it just me or has anyone else found this?

  ^wave^ 23:02 09 May 2008

i have been using it for a couple weeks now and so far so good

  Madrat 23:06 09 May 2008

hmmm, dont know wats rong with my pC then, thanks

  ^wave^ 23:15 09 May 2008

run msconfig and see what it is doing at start up if you suspect avg disable it and see if the pc starts up any quicker

  Sabi 23:39 09 May 2008


Not only my computer had gone slower since I installed AVG 8 but also, the "update Manager" is inactive all the time!!
Every time I swich on the computer! I have to do the updates manually regardless of being set on automatic!
For instance if I switch on the computer 6 times a day, each time the update Manager needs to be updated!!!! I don't understand how many updates they release each day????

  Madrat 23:39 09 May 2008

Well I removed everything from the start up list and PC is as slow as ever. Might be time for a re-install I think.

  Madrat 00:03 10 May 2008

yes I get no auto updates, might try another anti virus, always liked AVG but dont like AVG 8

  eedcam 07:32 10 May 2008

Just setting to auto aint enough have you gone Tools>advanced settings>updates and ticked every time pc starts?

  Madrat 14:48 10 May 2008

ok will try that, still no idea why PC is so slow on start up

  Madrat 23:43 10 May 2008

Turned of resident shield, and PC starts much faster now.

  birdface 09:03 11 May 2008

Make sure it is not running a scan at start up.I have the resident shield and the Link Scanner switched off.Just turn off the automatic scan and scan it manually when you want to scan it.It still has the power down square that you can tick if you are going out,it will then scan and switch itself off after it is finished.

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