AVG updates and computer restarts

  Nosmas 11:17 03 Mar 2005

I have only had AVG7 Free for a couple of weeks and during that time there have been frequent updates. I have moved from Database v 266.1.0 through to 266.6.0, and with one exception (when going from 266.5.4 to 266.5.7 - don't know what happened to .5 and .6 !) the icon in the systray was greyed out and when the mouse was hovered over it, displayed a message to the effect that an incomplete update had been detected and the computer needed to be restarted. I didn't need to restart after 266.5.7.

Is this the experience of other users of AVG7 Free or am I missing out on one of the settings? I used AVG6 for some two years and most of the updates only required a click on a button to finish the update. Only rarely did I get instructions to restart.

Checking for updates is scheduled on my system to occur around 09:45 hrs each day, but if I am not at my desk when these checks occur, I don't seem to be left with any message saying the check has been made and with what result. This morning just after the scheduled update check time I came to my desk and the icon was greyed out and I required a restart. However after the restart I could not detect what had been updated, since the Database is still at v266.6.0 released yesterday 02/03/05 (which I had already received yesterday). The Grisoft website click here shows the latest update as AVI (what does the 'I' stand for?) 266.6.0 and Program 7.0.308. On my system the AVG Information window Program tab shows file version and the Version tab shows Program version 7.0.308 and Database 266.6.0. Grisoft's website states that Program 7.0.308 is a recommended update for AVG 7 Professional Edition only!

I find all these version numbers somewhat confusing. Can anyone suggest what update I may have received this morning?

  Jaymz87 11:51 03 Mar 2005

I've never had any experience with AVG, but if you are being asked to reboot every time you update, and you are updating the same file over and over again, it could be that either you have a virus that is stopping AVG from working properly, in which case, manually download an update. Or you have one or more files in use that the AVG update engine requires to run properly.

On another not, from what I can gather, AVI stands for Anti-Virus Information. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong!

  stlucia 13:18 03 Mar 2005

Sorry, I can't help you Nosmas, except to say that since a couple of weeks ago my AVG icon has also been greyed out even though my updates and re-boots were carried out without problem.

  weedode 13:24 03 Mar 2005

I have had to restart after some updates on a system with Win 98SE but not on a system with Win XP Pro .

  bruno 13:25 03 Mar 2005

I have received several updates and, on occasion,
the Icon has greyed out.However, I left it to its own devices and it sorted itself out eventually. I never have to re-boot my computer.

  KBEARS 13:34 03 Mar 2005

It`s the same with myself. I always have to reboot after an update which I did`nt have to before.
It`s a bit annoying to say the least!

  Stuartli 13:41 03 Mar 2005

There should be no reason to reboot after an AVG update - you can either click on the OK button when an update has been downloaded and installed or just leave it for 30 seconds to do it itself.

  Nosmas 13:50 03 Mar 2005

Thanks for your replies. Not quite sure what Jaymz87 means by updating the same file over and over again. Before rebooting, the version number displayed in the Internal Virus Database info window is that which was shown after the PREVIOUS reboot, but after the (currently requested) reboot it then displays the version number just updated. However this morning I could not discern any changes to version numbers etc. after updating and rebooting. The Control Centre Update Manager (General tab) is now showing "Last update on 03/03/05 09:47 (today). Next update check scheduled on 04/03/05 09:47 from free.grisoft.com". So I still don't know what has been updated!

Another question regarding updates - On the Rescue Disk Wizard window there is a note: - "In order to ensure that your Rescue Disk will provide maximum virus detection, we recommend that you re-create your Rescue Disk after each update." Is this referring to ALL updates (which up to now seem to have been to the Database) or only when the actual program is updated? What have other users been doing as regards re-creating Rescue Disks?

Weedode - I note what you say as regards updating with W98SE but not with XP. Perhaps that is the reason for my experience as I have W98. Can any others confirm their experiences as regards needing to update according to their OS?

  Nosmas 13:56 03 Mar 2005

As I said in my first post above, I get no screen message to say whether an update check has been performed and whether or not an update has been necessary. I have not seen any 'OK' button to click on.

The only indication I have of something having happened is when I see the icon in the systray greyed out.

  Stuartli 14:49 03 Mar 2005

When you click on Check for Updates - two or three ways to do it in AVG - you should get a panel up stating AVG Update File Download.

If there is an update, you will eventually see another panel detailing the update - click OK to download. You may have to wait a little while for it to start.

Once the download is complete, AVG will install it automatically and update the virus database; closedown time is 30 seconds unless you click OK.

Incidentally there's a new control file update just come into the world.....:-))

  Nosmas 15:59 03 Mar 2005

Thanks for your reply. I think we have been slightly at cross purposes. My comments regarding no messages as to whether or not an update check, or an actual update, has been performed were in relation to SCHEDULED updates. I agree that one sees what you describe when doing a manual check.

I have just done a manual check, and the first thing that happened was that my Sygate Personal Firewall gave me a message stating that the AVG downloader had changed since the last time I used it, and explained this could be due to a recent update and did I want to allow it to access the network? After giving Sygate the OK I again clicked the 'Check for Updates' and after a lengthy wait was informed that no new update file is available at the moment and to try again later.

This Sygate message seems to support my thoughts that 'something' was updated this morning when the Scheduled update check was due to run. Could this be the new control file you referred to? If so can you please give me any clue as to its name, date or location so that I can check my system? Re my remarks about Rescue Disks, is this perhaps the time when I should re-create them?

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