AVG Updates on 02/03/2005

  weedode 15:09 02 Mar 2005

Have clicked on AVG Update and downloaded on 2 separate occasions various control files today ( 2nd ) and I find that the Virus Database is still 266.5.7 dated 01/03/2005 but my component version is now 7.1.307 dates 02/03/2005. Any suggestions as to what is going on ?

  colberly 15:36 02 Mar 2005

Itoo have downloaded twice today mine is also dated 1/3/05 and the database is 266.5.7 but the component is 7.0.308 also dated 1/3/05 something wierd happening? I have just tried again and got timed out.

  weedode 15:54 02 Mar 2005

Have tried to update but get " No new update available "

  sattman 16:00 02 Mar 2005

I keep seeing posts reminders almost every day for AVG, do I assume that AVG by default does not update automatically.

  weedode 16:11 02 Mar 2005

Have now got Virus database 265.6.0 but my component version is still 7.1.307.
You can schedule AVG to udate at a particular time each day but with so much updating going on at the moment it is safer to check for Updates frequently when on the Net.

  weedode 16:46 02 Mar 2005

Thanks crx 1600. Cant see the wood for the trees or something similar or blind as a bat !

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