AVG Update problem.

  Joe R 19:02 15 Aug 2005

Has anyone else had the problem of AVG being unable to complete an update.

I've been trying since yesterday to update, and each time it tells me my "update has been unsuccessful".

My latest successful update was, 7.0.338

  johnnyrocker 19:05 15 Aug 2005

do you have it configured to udate from update cz?


  Joe R 19:18 15 Aug 2005


unsure, where do i find this info.?

It is the free version.

  johnnyrocker 19:58 15 Aug 2005

mine is too but if you launch control center and check update settings.


  goffer23 20:33 15 Aug 2005

7.0.338 was/is the latest update.

  Joe R 20:40 15 Aug 2005

sorry for taking so long to get back, but i'm having a nightmare trying to make postings in the forum.

Johnnyrocker, in my update settings it only has the url freegrisoft.com, and won't allow me to change it.

It has the wording modification of url path is only available in AVG professional.

  lotvic 23:03 15 Aug 2005

see this thread it may be of some help click here

"" lotvic Mon, 08.08.05 | 20:34
AVG server has been overloaded for updates according to their forum. You can do a manual download of .bin files from click here and save them to the AVG program folder on your pc and then configure AVG to Update from 'folder' (not Internet)
AVG > control center > Update Manager > settings

I've just done it for this pc (my neices - as am here for a few days hols) ""

  Joe R 10:24 16 Aug 2005

Thanks all for the replies, avg had 7.0.338 as the last update, but every time I opened avg to check for updates, up popped a window telling me my update was unsuccessful.

Turned on my p.c. this morning, bingo, update done.

Still only registering as 7.0.388 though.

  johnnyrocker 10:33 16 Aug 2005

mine as of yesterday and checked today is 7.1.337 might be wise to uninstall and re install a newer version


  Joe R 11:44 16 Aug 2005


got it, my last update is 267.10.10/73

Any time I click on update, I just get a window saying update was unsuccessful.

I'm going to uninstall and reinstall as johnnyrocker suggested.

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