AVG Update This Morning!!

  Solartopi 13:46 16 Aug 2007

hi Folks,

I have just downloaded automatically a big Update. It said something about 'This is not tested yet.'


  johndrew 13:52 16 Aug 2007

And here seem to be additional updates still coming through; corrections perhaps??????

  Solartopi 14:29 16 Aug 2007


Thanks for the info. Yes I was surprised at the quantity of the Update. I will try again to see if there is any more.


  holme 14:45 16 Aug 2007

I think you'll find the big one was a routine update to the main application. They seem to come in every few weeks or so and consist of multiple files, typically 6-9.

Once having downloaded and auto-installed such an update, it's a good idea to re-check again for leftovers as, more often than not, one or more virus 'signature' updates will also be available, but separate to the application update. (These are not 'corrections'.)

In other words, keep re-checking until AVG tells you it's fully up to date. Overnight, it came in three separate chunks, one big 'un and two smaller. But that's not unusual.

  Miros 14:57 16 Aug 2007

Wow! Just downloaded three large 'chunks' never known that before, and this was after a 'normal' download this morning.
Thanks Solartopi.

  Miros 14:59 16 Aug 2007

Sounds like i was a bit constipated.
Maybe I was :-)

  anchor 15:07 16 Aug 2007

Thank for the information; done and all updated.

  daba 00:11 17 Aug 2007

Because I schedule an update overnight I don't see any of this - only reason I knew a serious update had taken place was because the PC had automatically rebooted after the download/install.

I use the registered product, not the free one, so it may be a bit more "automatic" in getting all the updates

  Solartopi 13:14 17 Aug 2007

holme, Miros, anchor, daba,

Thanks for all the Feedback. Welcome!! Yes, the Paid version gives you the downloads sooner & more.

I never buy anything on the Internet, may be I'm just old fashioned.


  robbiepaul79 13:20 17 Aug 2007

ahh yes was a rather large download i got it last night, big microsoft download i got also, seems all i do is download updates this week ive had those 2 wow, lotr, ET:QW.

With my connection speeds thats alot of time !

  Solartopi 17:02 24 Aug 2007

Thanks All

We learn a lot from PCA Forum


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