hp2o 18:38 15 May 2003

AVG update available

  Valvegrid 19:15 15 May 2003

What database? Because I downloaded Database 277 on the 13/05/2003 and it's now the 15th.


  leo49 19:21 15 May 2003

You're uptodate - it's a false alarm.

  Wak 19:50 15 May 2003

Wouldn't it be nice if these helpful people could just add the Database number to the title of their posting.
It would save all those unneccessary internet connections to AVG every week just to find out that you are already up-to-date.
Not complaining, just commenting ( or should I say suggesting?)

  graham√ 20:08 15 May 2003

Or do a search for 'AVG'.

  mammak 14:09 25 May 2003

hi folks i have just bought a amd 2000xp+ i cant seem to install any devices ie, printer, the usb are in device manager, but alas dont work, any ideas

  Djohn 14:13 25 May 2003

Database 279. release date 19/05/03 is the current one. J.

  Dr. Charles 14:13 25 May 2003

Ihave database 279 but its dated the 19/5/2003

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