AVG Update,

  Jimmy14 22:05 28 Feb 2007

I hope this hasn't been posted but I have just received a AVG free edition update when I checked earlier on and there was none,


  p;3 22:34 28 Feb 2007

asking a really dumb question ; but if you are ?using Norton av ??why are you also usng AVG? or have I missed something?

have I asked a really stupid question?

  Jimmy14 23:12 28 Feb 2007

I done a clean install of Vista yesterday so thought of trying AVG.

  p;3 23:19 28 Feb 2007

I am impressed and I hope you will not be disappointed ; after the install OF avg did you request a full update? and have you requested onE tonight as there is a tiddy one available ;and to add to the 'debate' did you reboot just to be sure they have 'rooted'after all the updating?

  Jimmy14 23:21 28 Feb 2007

When I installed AVG last night I ran the update process a few times to make sure and got the available updated. I also re-booted. Today I check about 3 times and there were no updates but I checked tonight and there was one. Was I right or did you already get that update long before I posted this thread?

  p;3 23:26 28 Feb 2007

I updated at 2102hours with a wee tiddy one; sometimes there are daily updates sometimes two in one day, sometimes none all day; all depends

have you dared to run a complete system scan to see how long it takes?(the xp machine I am cleaning takes over 2 long hours to do that )

  Jimmy14 23:28 28 Feb 2007

I have a 80Gb hard drive in my laptop and the AVG full scan took 18 minutes. I also have a 300Gb external hard drive but I don't bother scanning that unless I leave my computer on all day and go away to leave some scans running. You running Vista yet?

  p;3 23:40 28 Feb 2007

at the risk of thoroughly hijacking your thread

I am 'running insane';trying to clean an xp machine where compliance with the normality of computer protection and site visiting seems a figmant of my imagination
IT now has an active avg on it at my virtual insistance of getting SOMETHING on there BUT keeping proper protection and playing safe WITH undesirbale sites etc ....HHUUMMMM


  Jimmy14 23:43 28 Feb 2007

Would it not be best to do a clean install on a computer that is full of junk. I always found that installing xp again would let me start afresh. Using vista now of course. Are you running Vista on any machine?

  p;3 23:48 28 Feb 2007

it is not mine to dictate to them what they do with it; I am merely caught in the cycle of trying to clean it having been informed that 'it shows web pages I never asked it to'

it in itself is a sharp lesson IN having a comp properly protected AND surfing wisely and NOT using MSN with ANY machine you do not know IS clean

  Jimmy14 23:49 28 Feb 2007

Did it not have any protection on it as you received it? Many viruses did you find:))

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