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  Dirk Diggler 12:42 06 Nov 2005

I am currently running AVG7 and everything is fine in terms of updates ie, update starts automatically and then installs updated files and I just click ok and thats that

However, my inlaws PC, also running AVG7 gets a message after every update saying that the computer needs to be restarted for the update to take effect!

Am I missing something in settings etc that needs to be changed?

  Splork 12:44 06 Nov 2005

Are they running a different version of Windows? 98 and ME require reboots more often than Windows 2000/XP.

  Splork 12:45 06 Nov 2005

Although there is a setting buried in AVG updates relating to reboots.

  €dstowe 12:49 06 Nov 2005

There was a very large AVG update recently that required a re-start but since then, updates have proceeded quietly and in the background. I would suggest that the large update failed to install correctly and it is trying each time to load this one - and failing.

I suggest that you download a new copy of AVG, come off the Internet, delete the current one and install the new copy. Re-connect to the Internet and immediately update your new copy.

Under no circumstances remain connected to the Internet while you are fiddling about deleting and re-installing.

Please wait for someone to agree with my advice before doing anything.

  PaulB2005 12:53 06 Nov 2005

Also make sure they have all the recommended and optinal updates by using the Update button on the interface. The automatic update only does the major updates.

  pj123 13:49 06 Nov 2005

When you say AVG 7 it is now 7.1 maybe that's the reason. You need to make sure you have 7.1 installed.

Open AVG and check the status bar bottom right.

Does it say: 7.1.362 267.12.8/162 then the date and time?

  Dirk Diggler 13:59 06 Nov 2005

Problem solved

  palinka 14:01 06 Nov 2005

basically, don't worry! there are different versions of AVG 7; there are different OSs; and it depends which downloads you are comparing (and you may have downloaded the same update on a different day from your in-laws, so you can't simply compare days). Some recent downloads HAVE required a re-start; some have not.

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