AVG test how long should it take

  howard60 10:47 12 Jul 2005

out of curiosity I wonder how long the test should take I know it will depend on the speed of the pc and size of drive[s]. My pc is an xp3000 with 512MB of ram and an 80GB hdd with 63GB free. The test takes over 1 hour 55 minutes. AVG is up to date and no infection is found. I also use ms spyware beta, spybot and adaware regularly.

  Taff36 11:04 12 Jul 2005

Sounds about right to me, particularly if you`ve set it to scan archives as well.

  Diemmess 11:28 12 Jul 2005

Probably saying what you already know, but......

A full scan is a good idea to begin with, but quite unnessary once you have checked your whole system and had no scares.

Scan selectively, the system files, temporary files and anything else which may have changed, and set AVG to do the lot automatically at a time when you are away from the keyboard.

Finally, just as obvious, try and avoid running anything else if you want the shortest time.

  keith-236785 11:44 12 Jul 2005

the test on my system 12gig used of an 80 gig drive takes 10 minutes and 37 seconds to scan 23176 objects with it set on default settings.

if you have changed the settings to scan ALL files then obviously it will take longer

with it set to scan all files it takes 14 minutes and 40 seconds to scan 39177 objects.

there is no reason for it to take so long Unless something else is taking CPU usage or you have a very small amopunt of memory. check your task manager before doing a scan, it might be that something is using 98% of the cpu usage and only leaving you 2% for anything else. in this case you would expect the scan to take so long.

  Les 12:04 12 Jul 2005

Just done a full scan on all drives, nearly 55,ooo files, took just over 23 minutes. The processor is an AMD +3500. Any help?

  uisquebeathus 14:13 12 Jul 2005

My collection of over 900,000 files and 460gb can take about 6 hours, but the Avast Prof active scanner picks up any infections instantly

  Pooke 14:26 12 Jul 2005

220,000 files: 22 gig of used space is scanned in less than half an hour, 28 or 29 minutes. But my system is slightly faster (if that makes much difference) xp3200 barton core, 1gig ddr400 ram.

  dublincity 16:59 12 Jul 2005

......... you'll find it runs a bit more quickly if you shut down / disable all other running programs. (Your own software.)

I must say that I don't understand the 30-odd Windows progs that like to run all the time - there're details on the 'net, somewhere. I've found that when killing the lot, they re-start automatically upon re-boot but I don't know enough to recommend that move.

My AVG can take 90 minutes to scan c. 140Gb (less than 1/2 full) or 12 hours with running progs interfering with it.

  howard60 19:31 12 Jul 2005

thank you everyone very interesting - I will mark this as resolved and look a little deeper.

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